Social Media Training

All our social media training sessions are 3 hours full of bespoke content for your business. But, more importantly, we pride ourselves on designing each session to be as interactive and pragmatic as possible.

What We Do

KUB stands for Knowledge Underpinning Business. At its essence, it’s all about sharing the knowledge and passing it on. Most people are familiar with the various social platforms and use them regularly. However, using it to communicate and advertise a brand successfully isn’t always so straightforward.

Social media training is vital to gaining a thorough understanding of how to effectively advertise your business and brand across social media.

Creating engagement-generating content, navigating the pitfalls of ever-changing algorithms and adapting your advertising to each platform’s audience is a lot to take on if you lack the essential knowledge and experience.

The Results


Increase In-house Knowledge

By increasing your employee’s knowledge of their chosen subject, you will increase productivity and your own happiness. In addition, as your team feels more capable of leading projects, it will assure you that they will do a great job without your help, thereby allowing you to concentrate on other business areas.


Be in Control

By up-skilling your workforce, you are more in control of your organisation chart and aligning everyone with one purpose. A team is much more proficient if the goal in front of them is crystal clear.


Support for Future Changes

After training, we are always on hand to support additional training or queries. This is because we recognise that the brain needs time to learn new skills, and questions come after the training is complete.

Psychology of Your Audience

The foundations of marketing are psychology and linguistics. Understanding how the words you choose and the images you choose affect your campaign will determine whether you’ll be successful or not.

History of Social Media

History has a habit of repeating itself, and understanding what has already happened will help you predict what will happen next. What will happen next are your opportunities to seize.

How To Use Social Media Platforms and Scheduling

Driving back to basics, we explore how to use social media platforms, scheduling software and where you can make it easier for yourself. Of course, the easier you make it, the more likely you will be consistent at posting on social media.


Our training sessions will equip you with the knowledge you need to create engaging and fresh content, plan monthly content, and measure your content’s success so you know what to recreate in the future.


Algorithms have the potential to either see your social content flourish or restrict it from reaching the people you need it to. Our sessions will teach you how to navigate the primary social channels’ algorithms and adapt to any changes.


Advertising on social media varies effectively between platforms, and so does your audience. Learn the techniques you need to implement to advertise to your followers while maintaining growth and know what platforms to use to reach your target.

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