LinkedIn Training

All our LinkedIn training sessions are 3 hours full of bespoke content for your business. But, more importantly, we pride ourselves on designing each session to be as interactive and pragmatic as possible.

What We Do

With 40% of the 500 million users logging into LinkedIn daily, LinkedIn is a hive of business activity. If you can tap into and use the resource effectively, your business will reap the benefits of growing relevant connections and engaging with them to move them through the sales funnel successfully.

LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunity for many B2B businesses and is just waiting to be tapped into. However, using LinkedIn in the wrong way can also damage your business.

For example, have you ever sent or received long sales pitches? The chances are, you didn’t respond, or if you sent it, had a poor response rate. That’s why we offer training sessions to ensure your business benefits from using LinkedIn consistently and effectively.

The Results


Grow Your Connections

Growing relevant connections on LinkedIn will give you a selection of business relationships you can draw on for both business and knowledge sharing.


Communicate With Decision Makers

40 million LinkedIn users are decision-makers. You will learn how to find the right connections to grow your business.


Generate Quality Enquiries

By growing your connections and engaging in conversational marketing, you’ll see your business’s quality enquiries increase sustainably over time.

Campaign Planning

LinkedIn is a lead generation tool, and when any kind of business resource is put into a lead generation tool, it is always better to plan. Fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your second website – you are giving your connections 3 seconds for them to make an impression on you. So you have to get it right the first time.

Using psychology and linguistics, we’ll take it to the next level so that your target audience resonates with your message every time.

Buying Persona/Search Criteria

Through the project planning, we will identify your buying persona and help you align them with LinkedIn search criteria. Then, every time you send a message out to our audience, we’ll help you to increase the chance of getting a connection back.

Social Media Content

LinkedIn is its own mini-marketing system. It wants you to stay on LinkedIn. That’s why, to take your audience down the sales funnel, you will need engaging social media content that builds interactions.

Article Content

You know you’re the authority on your subject – your closest friends will probably agree too, but how does your LinkedIn audience know you are the expert? Articles are a proven approach to inciting discussion and showcasing your expertise.

Conversational Marketing

No one wants to receive spam sales pitches in their inbox. Instead, we use conversational marketing (social selling) to hold quality conversations, which are vital to building your business’s connections and nurturing your prospects.

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