LinkedIn Lead GenerationThe Power of LinkedIn™

LinkedIn™ lead generation can be a powerful tool for winning new business.

LinkedIn™ has over 500 million members. The majority are professional people using the platform to market their skills and so LinkedIn™ represents a huge, up-to-date database of people you could potentially do business with.

There are two versions of LinkedIn™; free and premium. LinkedIn™ has now made it quite hard to generate leads through the free version and so if you are serious about LinkedIn™ lead generation you will need to pay for it.

We’re sure you can find better examples (there’s always work to do) but as a starting point you can view KUB founder Peter Dickinson’s profile as a base line to get ideas from: . He has over 28,000 connections and followers on LinkedIn™ and finds it’s a great resource for engaging with clients and contacts.

Businesses value LinkedIn™ because it takes more effort to be noticed in today’s crowded market place. LinkedIn™ should be your starting point as it only requires a small investment of time and money to be generating leads very quickly.

There is a seven step process to generating leads using LinkedIn™:

  1. Foundations –  Get your profile right
  2. Expert Positioning – Get published
  3. Develop Your Database – Get connected!
  4. Find Prospective Customers – Use the Advanced Search
  5. Develop a Lead Management – What can you give to attract prospects?
  6. Generate Leads – Reach out to prospective customers
  7. Engage and Nurture – Know, like, trust and then you can do business

KUB has followed this process for a several years and now Charleh Dickinson has joined KUB as Social Media Manager we also offer a service to help businesses develop their skills and generate leads in LinkedIn™.

LinkedIn™ Lead Generation

KUB can show you how to do this yourself or, if your time is limited, do some or all of it for you, and this is reflected in the services we provide:

  • LinkedIn™ Set up & Optimisation
  • LinkedIn™ Coaching & Training (Travel expenses apply outside of North West, UK)
  • LinkedIn™ Lead Generation Coaching (Travel expenses apply outside of North West, UK)

For LinkedIn to work in lead generation, your business needs:

  • To have a clear differentiated offer of real value to your prospect
  • An up-to-date and complete profile
  • A clear target audience who are on LinkedIn (Job title, Company Size, Industry, Geography)
  • Your offer needs to be relevant to your target audience
  • Your profile is a premium account (see above)
  • A strong and enticing call to action (we can help you write the Inmail, but it needs to be in your language).

We can advise on whether lead generation using LinkedIn will work for you or not. Call us on 0845 053 7417 for an initial discussion.

Charleh Dickinson is our Social Media Manager and if you would like more information, please email or call 0845 053 7417

“Charleh is a pleasure to work with, right off the mark, plenty of creative ideas, terrific at social media, bright, knowledgeable and buzzing with energy.”
Faye Smith, Keep Your Fork PR & Marketing Consultancy

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