The purpose behind the campaign

Every business in the UK is experiencing turbulence like no other, and many won’t make it onto the other side, we can all play our part in keeping UK businesses open and running.

In times like these, it’s easy to feel powerless against the oncoming tide, but that’s simply not the case. If everyone does a small amount of good, real change can happen.

The case is no different for our UK businesses. It really is the little things that matter to business owners at this time, as well as helping people to keep their jobs and livelihood through this troubling time.

We are simply asking for one thing – for you to share the symbol with people who can help or who needs help and let them know about our FREE discussion group that’ll transpire into meaningful actions.

Every Friday, 10am-11am, (during lockdown) join our online business community support group.

Why Helping Each Other Is So Important More Than Ever?

With everyone battening down the hatches to weather out the storm and sending their teams home to work remotely, running a business is quickly becoming an isolating and lonely feat. 

We want to turn the tide on the trend of businesses looking inward at this time. While it’s vital you take care of your own internal operations, it’s more important than ever to start creating a space where business people can give and receive support and share ideas will stand businesses in good stead to not only survive but to thrive in these challenging times.

Here’s are some of our top tips on how you can help each other. As more ideas on what we can do together, we’ll continue to add them to this list. Feel free to send them into us so that we can support more people.

Please remember, the following are simply ideas to keep the UK economy moving and reduce the impact later down the line. We are not recommending anything that will have a negative impact on your health, finances or relations of any kind.

How you can help your friend’s or family’s business right now.

  • Share their business onto your social media
  • Talk to them about their business and what they’re doing
  • Share your expertise with them and vice versa
  • Keep paying for membership or pay 50% of a membership. For example, you’re gym membership
  • Pay the money of a service you had booked in and just move the date. For example, a hair or nail appointment

If you've not already seen, the Government are providing help via the link below:

So, What We Going To Do About It ?

We will be hosting a complementary business community support group meeting on Zoom for one hour a week.

Peter Dickinson, a successful business coach of nearly 20 years, will facilitate the session. However this session is about the group and its hoped that you will gain support and insights into your individual challenges from the group discussion.

The purpose of the session is to share ideas, swap skills or to just simply talk to other people in the same position as it can be very lonely as an owner of a small business.

For the last 6 years, Peter has been a volunteer business mentor with Community and Business Partners in Blackburn and Orvia in Leyland and recently became a mentor with Tech Manchester which helps tech startups.

If you are business leader or owner and looking to put on a group, let us know and we would be more than happy to assist you to get more of these groups started across the country.

The sessions have:

  • No requirements
  • No commitments
  • Feel free to drop in and out of the meeting as you please
  • All are welcome to join the discussion on how we can keep the UK economy moving.


If you want to register your interest in joining our business community support group, sign up to the free Eventbrite. Please note, there are limited spaces.

Spread The Word

Link to our DropBox of a large file image of the symbol to add to your social media posts.

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