A lot of digital marketing is about getting it done, and these tasks don’t necessarily fit perfectly under a specific package. There are a lot of little “jobs” that are very time-consuming, and when the day-to-day stuff gets going, marketing is often pushed to the bottom of the list. The designated person to perform these tasks is often described as a Digital Marketing Co-ordinator.

What We Do

The tricky bit is managing the process and ensuring that any marketing activity is targeted and the results are measured. That is why we combine our Marketing Strategy and Marketing Coordinator together.

Have the best of both worlds and benefit from the big picture with strategic planning to identify opportunities, gaps, and ideas whilst being reassured that the tasks that drive you forward will get done.

The structure of the meeting is flexed around your needs. Using our experience, expertise, and marketing tools, we will identify what you need, provide guidance, share knowledge, and agree on what actions you feel are appropriate.

A digital marketing coordinator goes beyond consultancy. The skill of a coordinator is thinking strategically while going deep into the detail of each marketing discipline to help your businesses grow.

The Results


Part Time Marketing Manager

Your designated digital marketing coordinator integrates into your business, so you’ve always got a digital marketing expert on hand.


Control Over Your Business

With remote working, you will also have the tools and systems you need to grow your business and know exactly what needs to be done.


Increase Expertise

Because the digital marketing coordinator is part of an agency working across multiple campaigns, they are exposed to more strategies. It’s this experience that can be brought into your business and industry that elevates a campaign’s results.

Meetings To Agree On Implementation and Priorities

Asking the right questions is always at the heart of what we do. We ask those tough questions you may not want to ask yourself and bring them to light. By bringing them into the conversation, we can deal with them and bring in actions to help you overcome your business’s obstacles.

Marketing Implementation Work Off-Site

From the actions created in the meeting, you may not have the resources to complete them in-house. That’s where our agency can come in and complete the tasks that you need to get sorted to get to the next level.

Personal Scrum Board Using

You can have as many great ideas as you want, but if you don’t record them, reflect on them or action them, they will only ever be ideas. By documenting them on a project management board, no idea will be forgotten, and growth will begin to “happen” before you know it.

Monthly Report and Analytics

Understanding what activities produce the best results is essential to planning future actions and informing business decisions. When analysing your data, we look beyond your advertising activities. We seek to understand the whole customer life cycle to maximise every opportunity.

Working Hours Support (WhatsApp/Slack)

The digital coordinator is designed to be integrated into your team. By using tools such as Slack and WhatsApp, you know you will always have an expert on hand to help you. We ensure that communication always flows, so you feel like you’re number 1 – because you are!

Coaching and Training

Sometimes the obstacle isn’t getting the task done but the skills holding you back. That’s why we also include training and coaching elements so that nothing will ever get in your way. Training and coaching can include anything contained in our separate packages.

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