Analysis + Reporting

By choosing our analysis and reporting service, you’ll benefit from a thorough understanding of what digital marketing activities are working in your business and which are not. This will leave you better positioned to strategise and prioritise the activities that deliver impactful results.

What We Do

Digital marketing analysis and reporting management is an essential aspect of measuring the ROI of your digital marketing cost. Refining your digital marketing strategy should be results led- If you have a visual indicator of how you’re performing, you can see the areas that need improvement or think about replicating the techniques behind the material that’s generating a lot of engagement.

Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to execute consistently seamless digital marketing while others seem only to produce misguided content that never quite hits the mark? The chances are it’s down to digital analysis reporting. If your marketing is based on the intuition of what your target will engage with alone, you won’t know if you’re missing something or if your approach isn’t working at all. By measuring the success of your digital marketing techniques, you can obtain a detailed picture of what works, what doesn’t, and what needs tweaking.

The Results


Get Tailored Digital Marketing Based On Facts

We’ll refine your digital marketing by analysing the success of previous methods.


Grow Your Reach

We can look at the results to determine if you’re missing out on potential customers or clients.


Replicate Effective Methods For Success

We’ll see what aspects of your marketing work well and replicate them to grow your business.

User Experience Optimisation

It’s essential to optimise your website for the best possible user experience. This includes ensuring that your website is easy to use, navigate, and find information. It also includes providing relevant and informative content. A good user experience leads to more website visitors and, ultimately, more customers or clients.


Behaviour Patterns

After planning and mapping out your customer journey, users will always find the easiest way possible to a location. By studying desire paths, we can optimise your marketing so that crucial information can be positioned more centrally.

Site Health Monitoring

It’s essential to monitor your website’s health to make sure that it performs well and is free of any errors or issues. This helps to improve your SEO by ensuring that your website is indexing correctly and is easy for visitors to use. It also helps to prevent any potential problems that could impact your business.

Acquisition Analysis

Want to know exactly where your leads are coming from? Absolutely, however, in an omnichannel world, tracking acquisition is incredibly difficult. That’s why we take the time to map out exactly what is happening and provide you with the most realistic information to make next step actions from.

Opportunity Recommendations

You don’t know what you don’t know. The analysis and reporting service’s main objective is to discover opportunities you never thought possible. Every month, we will feed you with new ideas to continue your growth and, more importantly, help keep you motivated.

Project Planning Recommendations

Using an agile methodology, we will help you to create short sprints of tasks. This makes large projects more manageable and more likely to be completed on time (and to quality).

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