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Website Development

With the average website session being 2-minutes, it's essential that users can obtain relevant information quickly, and the UX is seamless. With our help, you could transform your conversion rates with a stylish and easy-to-navigate website.

website development

What We Do

Website development consists of building a website that has a seamless UX, attractive pages consistent with the business’s branding and great functionality. If your site isn’t at the level it needs to be, you’ll see it clearly reflected in the stats- with a high drop-off rate after visitors first land on the site. Turning website visitors into viable prospects and conversions requires expert attention.

Consider the last time you visited a website that was difficult to navigate or took too long to load. The likelihood is that you didn’t spend much time there. If visitors are unimpressed with your website, it will affect their perception of your brand as a whole- 8 in 10 people will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. We understand that many SMEs struggle to build or develop their website effectively without expert help. We’ve worked with many of our clients to give them websites that pull the visitors and give them a positive impression of the brand. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the aspects of your website that need improvement and which is the best way to produce the results you’re looking for. We can then continue to manage your website to ensure it fulfils its potential and has robust security, reducing the probability of hacking.

Pick your template

We have a number of WordPress templates for you to choose from. This will enable you to have a professional website that has been tested to convert sales for a fraction of the price.

Choose your content

From pictures to graphics to the words you put on the page. What you say and how you say it matters, so using an information architect, we will work together to great an effective content plan. Communicate better and win more business.

Plan your after care

Once the website has been built, its journey doesn't stop there. All our websites have been so that you have full control over your site. That means you have complete control over how you manage your site. We can either train, help manage or deliver your website management plan.

1 %

people interpret the credibility of a company by its website.

1 %

think a site on mobile should be better than its desktop site.

1 %
94% of people will not trust an outdated website.
1 %
70% of small businesses miss call-to-actions.

Why We Offer Website Development

We have developed these services because there are a lot of web developers who see developing your web site, maintaining and making sure it can be found on Google as distinctly different activities and the problem is they aren’t.

You need to know how you want to be found on Google before you even start developing the website and the structure of the site (menus and pages) needs to reflect that. This is something quite a few web developers who “don’t do SEO” don’t take into consideration, and this wastes time and money when an SEO company then has to fix the structure before they can start.

Keeping a website updated so that it is secure is really important, and this means when it is developed it is designed so that WordPress and the plugins (small pieces of software that support the site) can be updated without being charged for (as they are free) and don’t break the site. We often come across out-of-date sites where the developer has done something unnecessarily complex and not used standard components that can be easily updated and so the website can’t be updated without a cost to the customer.

We know of a number of instances whereby SEO companies have been employed by a business and have had no benefit to the company (at considerable cost and loss of business). We use professional tools to monitor their progress and can speak their language in the event that there is a problem.

Project Specification

Project specifications are essential to any new business endeavour. When done well, it will lay every step of the project out clearly, so every member of the team can understand what needs to be done. This approach should be considered as mandatory.

The Build

We like to take a proactive approach to building your website. You can choose between a bespoke design or choose from one of our templates. It's not about reducing costs, it's all about making smart and considered investments to deliver a good ROI.

Project Support

We'll support your projects by implementing good practice and quality assurance. We'll give you up-to-date reports monitoring your progress. We'll also help you answer questions the developer may ask and ensure you retain control of the site.


We'll monitor your website after its launch. From the results we can derive what works and what doesn't. We can then adapt your website to work within a framework of tried and tested methods, and make actionable improvements if necessary.


Are you tired of working hard on your content and online presence, only to see it not getting highly ranked on Google? Poor SEO could be one of the main problems you're facing. We can monitor how successful your SEO company is for your site.


Websites need to be developed and updated to maintain relevancy to consumers. Our experience will help you create a fast, user friendly website with seamless SEO, which is going to get you found and drive traffic through the sales funnel.

"Peter is an absolute pleasure to work with. His instructions are clear and concise and Peter is always available should we have any questions for him. He is supportive of both me and his Customer Account Manager and nothing is ever to small for him to provide us his guidance on."
Kerri Collier
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