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Video Brochures

We all know the power of Video in your marketing communications, and if you already work with us, you will already know the power in the Videos we produce; but how do we maximise the potential of getting your video in front of your key target prospects?

Video Brochures

What We Do

Your target Clients email inbox is saturated, how do you get them to open your email that has a link to your new great Video? How do you even get their direct contact details if they won’t take your calls, or the person who does answer the phone won’t pass on these details? How do you get round the IT Security that will probably prevent your target client from downloading your high quality Video, even if you are lucky enough for them to want to?
KUB Video Brochures are an extremely powerful engagement tool which puts your branded Video Brochure physically on the desk of your key target client. They will open it based on curiosity and a perception of receiving ‘something’ of quality and innovation; at which point your Video starts playing and you are given the opportunity to get your message across. KUB Video Brochures are Memorable and help you cut through the barriers and make you stand out from your competition. KUB’s marketing and Video production expertise ensures you will grab the recipients attention during this opportunity and a strong call to action at the end will hopefully lead to the direct engagement and revenue generation you want.
Sold on the idea of Video brochures and want to take it to the next impact level? Let us personalise them for you, so not only does your target client watch your great video, the video is personalised to them for even greater impact. “Hi John, I really appreciate your time and we believe we could really help XXXX PLC with their X,Y,Z” If you received a pitch from a potential supplier with this level of effort and quality, you are going to take notice.

Start the Conversation

Every business has certain clients that are hard to reach and even more difficult to engage with. Video brochures are a fantastic method to start a conversation about the benefits of your products and services.

Increase Conversion Rate

50% of businesses account the sales process to winning the work so why wouldn't you use video brochures to WOW your potential clients. With personalised account base marketing techniques, you will make them feel special.

Grow your Client Base

Winning the work once is great but what makes established companies is repeat business. Wow them with a great first impression and then continue to do so by offering what they want and need.

OUR promise


"Since turning our attentions to Video Brochures we have been able to add a real element of video personalisation to our Account Based Marketing techniques We have seen a 32% increase in the return on these campaigns, just from adding a video element to our direct mail."
Marketing Programs Manager, London

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