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Video can be challenging to do but there is no doubt that you will get higher engagement and better conversion rates if you do use it.

Creating videos requires specialists and so we have teamed up with Glace Media to provide video that will work with your social media/content plan. We have taken a different approach to video marketing. Most video companies want to produce a one off video that might get used a few times but always with the same message. With social media you need to be sharing a number of messages dependent on your audience and their changing requirements.

Social media works best when it is shared regularly.


This is where we are different.

  • We will sit down with you and work out a social media and content marketing plan based on your business objectives.
  • We will agree the key messages with you that would work well with your audience in 60 second videos.
  • We work on a quarterly cycle and so at the start of the 3 months, the video team will take some stock footage of you and your premises.
  • For each month of the 3 months, we will produce a 60 second video each month.

We require a minimum 3 month contract with you so that the on-premise or location filming is done at the start of the quarter and then over the following 3 months we use the footage to create 60 second videos around that content.

There are a number of benefits which would help your social media and website:

  • There is a higher retention rate after watching a video as opposed to reading a blog. Some quote as high as 90%.
  • Videos naturally increase the time on site so long as they are engaging.
  • After watching a video, visitors to are more likely to visit other parts of the site and so reduce your bounce rate and so improve your ranking in Google.
  • The majority of visitors to your website or social prefer video – you only have to look at the proliferation on social media for the number of videos being produced.

For more information on how we can help, give us a call on 0345 053 7417 for a chat about your requirements.