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Video marketing is one of the most engaging and easily consumable ways to reach your target market. Our in-house video expert can produce high-quality videos promoting your services to the relevant audience.

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What We Do

Video marketing is something every SME should at least be thinking about. In recent years, video has become cheaper than ever to create and so it has exploded on social platforms, pulling in high levels of engagement. This trend is by no means slowing down. The younger generational shift from traditional TV to YouTube videos reflects the evolving appetites of consumers.

Videos are a great way to convey a message in an easily consumable format. Research has shown that people prefer to watch videos explaining something rather than reading an article. If videos are included on a website, a person will spend 88% longer viewing it.

Every video is different- from educating to branding, every video has a different function. If used correctly, it can lift your digital presence to a new level. Whatever you choose, it’s vital that it’s tailored to your target market and keeps their attention. There’s a difference between clicking on a video and actually watching it the whole way through, paying attention to each part. We can create tailored, targeting videos that will increase your conversion rates and can be pushed out over social media and your other online content.

We can sit down with you to discuss the kind of video content that works for you and create a plan to reach your goals.

How It Works

Create a Bespoke plan

Video content should be a part of your broader marketing strategy rather than being a standalone endeavour. We plan content around SEO, content, social media and email marketing to maximise the effectiveness of your videos. Every video is different, so we ensure that planned creative content is aligned with your business and its requirements.

Lights, camera, action!

Once the idea for your video is in place, we will do all the prep work to maximise your content. From there- it’s time to get filming! Our video production process prepares your content for all platforms. This means we will edit your content to fit anything from a YouTube video to an Instagram story and beyond. This flexibility allows you to regularly post different aspects of the video across a multitude of platforms and maximise your reach.

Implement and Monitor

Creating an impactful video marketing campaign can be challenging, but there is no doubt that you will get higher engagement and better conversion rates if you implement one. Each month, we'll monitor and measure your marketing so that it continues to progress and hits your business goals. This will allow you to gain deeper insight into your audience and move forward to create even more content relevant to them, expanding your reach, creating more engagement and growing your conversions.

1 %

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

1 %

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

1 %

consumers prefer to learn about a products or service through video.

1 %

Boost your landing page conversion rates using video.

Educate your audience

Video is a highly retainable medium, so inform your audience about your product or service.

Show your expertise

Communicating your expertise is extremely engaging in a video format.

Give a fresh perspective

Video is the perfect tool to set yourself apart and showcase what makes you unique.

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