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Social Media Management

Social media is always evolving and it can be hard for businesses to adapt to algorithm changes. We pride ourselves on being at the frontier of all the latest developments to get the most out of your social media marketing.

Social Media Management

What We Do

Social media management is a proven means of reaching a large demographic of potential customers and clients. Posting on the various social channels provides you with the perfect opportunity to express your brand identity. Creating content that is going to engage your target audience and has a consistent posting schedule will raise brand awareness as well as drawing in new customers.

Social media is one of the top ways customers and clients discover new brands- so your brand needs to make a memorable first impression as it debuts. From there, everything else (including your social) needs to be seamless to get consumers and clients through the sales funnel.

It’s not all about the sales pitch- you should also be posting other contextually relevant and engaging material, which provokes positive discussion on your feed. The are various categories that different types of posts fit into, so you can create a monthly plan and spread the categories out over the weeks to avoid repetitive content that will bore your subscribers.

Scheduling tools help you plan and take a considered approach to all of your social channels, optimising the levels of engagement.

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54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

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91% of social browsers access social channels via their phones.

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73% of marketers consider social media marketing to be effective.

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71% of UK adults can be reached with adverts over Facebook.

Increase the quality of engagement

Rank high on social media by creating posts that incite quality engagement and discussion.

Grow your followers

Distribute social media content that will encourage your target market to follow and subscribe.

Inform and entertain

Social media posts gives the viewer a feel for your brand. Make it informative and entertaining.

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How Its Done

social media management

Social Media Posts

We will work with you to come up with a social media content plan that suits you. We will create and schedule your posts to go out at the optimum time. We’ll measure the engagement the posts generate so that you can follow the growth and development of your business’s social media branding.

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Content Plan

We will discuss how often you want to post, what the optimum time is, and how you want the content to represent and grow your branding. We can then create a monthly social media plan for you to approve and for us to follow, ensuring quality and continuity that sets you apart from your competitors.

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We can create ads for your business to role out over social media. They will be targeted at your buyer persona to maximise conversion rates. We will also include ‘sales pitches’ within your social media plan, so content is going out regularly to inform your target about your product or service.

Charleh has been absolutely fantastic in helping us with our social media strategies and has given us the best advice. She is extremely smart and talented with huge ambition. Her drive and work ethic are like no other and I'm excited to be working with her ! all in all, I look forward to watching her businesses grow and excel!
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