Shopify eCommerceShopify eCommerce – Fast & Cost Effective Route to More Sales

KUB works with all sizes of eCommerce business. The challenge has always been the prohibitive cost of setting up an online, reliable platform that buyers will trust. This is where the Shopify eCommerce cloud based online shop comes in.

Notably KUB has helped two companies achieve full blown eCommerce solutions for a fraction of the cost.

The two sites are:

Both sites were developed by the internal teams with coaching from KUB on setting up the shop and links to other systems to provide a complete solution. KUB is working with both companies to drive sales and increase revenue. KUB is not associated with Shopify other than we also use it to provide an online shopping presence for Designed2eat.

Things to think about when taking a business on line:

  • Initial Cost of developing the site. Shopify costs $29 per month. A good eCommerce site built on Woocommerce or Magento can cost upwards of £5000 plus you need to factor ongoing maintenance and changes as your business develops. With Shopify, if you need additional functionality you simply buy/rent/obtain another plugin and the job is done.
  • Customisation. Shopify can be customised by specialists although for more sites this won’t be necessary.
  • Connectivity to other systems. A successful eCommerce system needs to connect to many other systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Centre & Shopping, Facebook, Bing, Mailchimp, Courier dispatch, Product Reviews, Xero (or another accounting system). You will need an SSL certificate for buyers to trust the site.
  • Product Information. It is surprising how many people are shocked as to how much information they need to obtain on a product before it can go on line. Good product images are fundamental, followed by descriptions, dimensions, weights and prices.
  • Social Selling. Free and out of the box, Shopify comes with a free Facebook plugin which allows you to sell directly on Facebook without any technical skills.
  • Reporting & Analytics. Don’t under estimate the amount of information you need on the performance of your site. As the site grows and you need to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. A key part of KUB’s ongoing role with an eCommerce platform is to understand what is driving the traffic and what converts to a sale.
  • Google Analytics. Not happy with Shopify’s analytics then you can quickly plugin your own Google Analytics code so that you can use Google to analyse your traffic.
  • Blogging. A key part of to developing the presence of a site on Google is having great written content on the site for Google to use to answer questions about what your product will do.
  • Email Marketing. Fundamental to good web site is the communication with the customer and this is where email comes in. When they place an order do they get confirmation by email. When their order is dispatched do they get an email etc. Equally, when a potential buyer has abandoned the shopping cart do you send them a gentle reminder? It could be they have been distracted and haven’t quite finished the transaction that they had meant to.
  • Paperless Working. With more sales comes more paperwork. With Shopify it can be linked directly to cloud based accounting systems like Xero and so reduce the paperwork.
  • Courier Systems. If you are handling a lot of orders then it becomes necessary to link to your courier’s system. Shopify comes with various integrations.

These are some of the things you need to think about when setting up an online shop. There are many reasons you might want to go down the Woocomerce or Magento route but before you do it is certainly worth checking out a Shopify eCommerce system.

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