Recruitment Marketing for Hard to Fill Roles

With the likes of Indeed and now Google Jobs listings it is very easy to get your job listed and in front of a large number of job hunters. You can then use an applicant tracking system such as Recruitee to manage the process efficiently. There are a lot of cloud based systems out there. One thing you need to ensure is that they are GDPR compliant and allow you to manage that compliance. There are also plenty of self-employed or HR firms that will guide you through the recruitment process once you have identified suitable candidates to interview and select. We have developed KUB Recruitment Marketing to help you to raise your brand as an employer worth working for and to actively search for potential candidates who may not be actively looking but would be interested in an opportunity as it arises.

We developed these services because high growth businesses are finding it hard to recruit good staff to help them maintain their growth.

KUB Recruitment Marketing

The rationale behind our approach is to not look for the people who are job seeking but for the highly skilled, successful employees that are listening for a change. As you may know, social is one of the largest forms of media to gain the attention of your target employee and we want them to see your employee value proposition (EVP).

“Minchington defines an employee value proposition as a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organization.”

In a highly competitive world, we need to fight for the best people. The fact is 40% of people actively consume over 2 hours of social a day, and if you are under utilising the power of LinkedIn and Facebook, you are missing out on those skills for your business.

We help fill that gap, through a combination of an experienced recruitment and digital marketing team. The benefits to an ongoing recruitment marketing campaign are that you will retain the marketing value within the business.

Social Campaign

  • 3 posts per week:
    Researched, sourced, curated and scheduled on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook as that is the minimum needed to get traction and build brand awareness.
    Building a new careers social media platform can be included depending on the strategy you would like to choose.
  • Social Media Management:
    Including engagement, likes, comments, direct messages & invites.
  • Facebook Advertising Management:
    Working collaboratively with the team, we will work out where retargeting, increasing your employee value proposition and drives applications

LinkedIn Campaign

  • Revamp your HR manager’s (or a person in a similar role) LinkedIn profile to resonate with your target employee effectively
  • LinkedIn growth partner on your HR managers profile in order to grow connections with relevant candidates
  • 750+ LinkedIn page views over every 90 day period

Recruiter Campaign

  • A experienced recruitment manager will actively search on LinkedIn for highly skilled employee’s and with using conversational marketing will bring them into your recruitment software
  • An experienced recruitment manager will qualify your CVs one the phone in order to find out the candidates wants, needs, values and culture in order to get the top level applicants

Reporting and Communication

  • Monthly Digital Marketing Reporting and Analysis:
    This is to review your analytics and identify what’s working and what isn’t. (You will need to provide us with access to your social media login and website analytics.)


  • Direct communication with the team for any issues or queries.

More Information

Please call on 0345 053 7417 for an informal chat on how we can help you.

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