LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Gen is one of the best tools for nurturing prospects and building authentic business relationship that will turn into new and lasting clients and increased profits.

Lead Generation

What We Do

Linkedin Lead Generation is one of the most powerful tools for B2B companies to connect with their target market, nurture prospects and convert them into clients. Through the use of conversational marketing techniques, you can sustainably increase your clientele over time. With tired and tested methods, KUB has refined this technique to build lasting and authentic relationships with prospects and converting them into loyal clients.

If you’re a B2B company and aren’t taking advantage of LinkedIn Lead Generation, you’re probably missing out on generating a significant amount of business. However, using LinkedIn to generate leads can be time-consuming if done properly. You need to be able to respond to enquiries promptly and let the conversations you have with potential clients flow.

We appreciate how demanding running your own LinkedIn to generate leads can be, which is why we offer to manage it for you. We’ll build your leads throughout each month, and then we’ll email you a monthly lead sheet for you to follow up. Any urgent leads will be sent directly to you via WhatsApp. We use conversational marketing to build relationships over time. Not all connections will immediately want or need your service. However, many of the connections we generate will return to us months later when they encounter a problem our clients have a solution for. This way, LinkedIn is an effective means of growing demand for your business sustainably.

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79% of businesses see LinkedIn as effective for lead generation.

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80% of B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn.
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80% of LinkedIn users consider professional networking important.

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92% of B2B marketers prefer using LinkedIn to other social platforms.

Increase quality traffic to your profile

Reach people who are likely to convert through engaging them in authentic conversations.

Increase your business network

Grow and interact with relevant connections who could generate business in the future.

Generate quality enquiries

Build relationships, so you are the first business your connections come to with enquiries.

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How Its Done

Effective Profile

We will help you to develop a LinkedIn profile which best showcases your services and experience, so connections looking at your profile are assured of your capabilities.
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Market Research

We are in a constant process of researching the most effective ways of interacting on LinkedIn. We’ll also research what connections are the most relevant for your business.
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Targeted Search

Our targeted search make sure that all connection requests go out to people who are relevant to your business and sector, and are in decision-making positions.

Social Selling

Through our tried an tested means of engaging your LinkedIn connections to generate enquiries, we utilise the art of social selling- a more personable way to create lasting business relationships.
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Quality Conversations

No one wants to receive spam sales pitches in their inbox. We use conversational marketing to hold quality conversations, which is vital to building your business’s connections and nurturing your prospects.
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Business Growth

The accumulation of our methods and techniques surrounding your LinkedIn lead generation results in growth for your business. Connections that you make and nurture now will, given time, become your most loyal clients.
"I have been aware of the potential LinkedIn could have my business for a while, but without the adequate knowledge nor guidance it was always something I would put off. With your help, I feel my profile now gives me the edge over my competition and this improvement has already led to two potential clients contacting me via LinkedIn only weeks after our session I will not hesitate to refer you to clients and contacts in the future."
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