Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is about getting the people who matter on line in your industry to share your content.

Social Media is split into three types:

  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid

A search of Google for Earned, Owned and Paid Media will bring up more detailed definitions.

Basically, owned media is your own content, whether that is words, images or video. The idea is to make it as interesting as possible to your target audience so that will happily share it.

Earned is essentially online word of mouth where others shared your content.

Paid is where you have paid Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to share your content.

However, you can help to promote your content to people called influencers who will then share your content. Influencers are usually individuals with a large number of followers. Depending on your industry, you may well have to pay influencers to share your media as that is how some of these people make a living. The point is, you get people with a lot of connections and influence to share your content which obviously helps to get you noticed. We do this with Designed2eat by providing free samples.

We can help you with what is called a reaching out campaign to engage with online active members of the community that attract your target audience. (Reaching out is basically, emailing, tweeting, messaging your selected influencer and asking them if they can help. Sometimes its free in exchange for free publicity or product or there may be a fee.)

So did you know? 70% of the social conversations about your brand take place on earned media channels.

That’s a lot of talking and more importantly, awareness, attraction and engagement.

We can help you with this process and to really get your message out there you should be working with influencers.