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Email Marketing

Want to improve client or customer retention? At a time when consumer knowledge is better than ever before, brand loyalty is a hard thing to come by. Providing your contacts with educational and incentivising marketing emails is one of the best means of nurturing customers and clients.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing- unlike other traditional marketing techniques- focuses on customer and client retention. It is a form of marketing that shows your existing contacts that you value them. It’s more than just a repetitive sales pitch; it educates your audience and provides them with incentives to invest in your products or services in the future.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to maintain contact with, nurture and retain existing customers. However, most people who receive these emails will know that many go unopened because they aren’t engaging enough or lack relevance. We can improve your click-through rate by creating relevant, engaging content to send out each month to clients, which will, in turn, encourage them to remain loyal to your brand and continually invest in your products/services.

All aspects of digital marketing are interconnected, so sending out engagement-generating content in your marketing emails means that other aspects of your marketing require attention. Otherwise, you’ll end up repetitively recycling old and ineffective content, which won’t engage and could result in a loss in subscribers. If you talk about the latest developments, such as a recent case study, or an article about something new within your industry, you’ll grow your contact list without repeating yourself.

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80% of SMEs rely on email as their primary customer retention channel.

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‘Welcome’ emails have an average open rate of 82%.

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Emails with personalised subject lines get a 50% higher open rate.
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Adding video to your email can increase the click-through rates by 300%.

Increase communication

At every stage of the sale funnel, you can increase your communication with your target market. Statistically, we know that it roughly eight exposures to your business before a customer places an order for a product or make an enquiry for a business-related service.

Attract new customers

When combined with a strong social media presence, email marketing is a proven strand of marketing that produces a great conversion and ROI (Return On Investment). Collaboratively, the process supports the development of a prospect into a customer.

Retain past and present customers

Sending emails out to current and past clients to keep them updated will make them feel valued and inspires brand loyalty. Do this at monthly and your contacts will be more likely to invest in your product or service again.

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"Charleh is extremely driven, ambitious, knowledgable and focused. I had a meeting with her to help promote my business online. Already after a few weeks my business image online has grown drastically. Charleh has a super bright future ahead, thanks again for your advice and support."
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