Digital Marketing ManagementDigital Marketing Management – Making it Happen For You

As each day passes digital marketing becomes more complex and more in-depth skills are needed in each area to maintain success. At KUB we are specialists in digital marketing management and social media. We then collaborate with other specialists to deliver what you need to drive sales with digital marketing. This means that you get what you need now and also can be adapted to meet your needs in the future.

As we manage your digital marketing, we can work with you on your budget so that you get the best of what you can afford.

Digital Marketing Management

Over the years we have worked with a lot of companies to coach them through setting up their own digital marketing. In simpler times this worked well. However, the increasing sophistication of digital marketing means that you now need a team of specialists for it to be effective.

Of course, we are happy to provide training on the various aspects of digital marketing, but in recognition of the challenge facing small and medium-sized businesses, we will also manage it for you.

We start by sitting down with you and working out what you need, and with our team of collaborators, we bring together a team of specialists that meet your needs. We set up a WhatsApp group so that we have rapid communication with you and everybody can see what is going on (no more email miscommunication).

We work through each aspect of digital marketing to see what you need and which will generate enquiries or orders. Below are some of the aspects of digital marketing that we will discuss with you to determine whether they are relevant to you or your business.

Web Site:

  • Does your website have a good Domain Authority (i.e. what does Google think of it?)
  • How do you compare with your closest competitors?
  • Can you be found on Google (when you type in what you do, do you come up on Page 1?)
  • When somebody lands on your website, does the visitor convert to being a customer or placing an enquiry?
  • If you are using paid advertising such as Google’s Adwords, are your visitors spending time on your site when they land?
  • How many hidden errors do you have on your website which prevent Google getting the information it requires?

Social Media:

  • How regularly do you post engaging information/posts on your social media?
  • When you share on social media, do you people interact with you (engagement)?
  • How many people do you reach when you share information on social media?
  • How many new followers do you gain each month?

Email Marketing:

  • Do you have an up to date email list of people who have genuinely opted into your marketing that is GDPR compliant?
  • How often do you send out a useful email to your email list?
  • How do you grow your email list?
  • Do you email list drive more enquiries or sales?

Lead Generation

The majority of businesses want more new customers as old ones go away for a range of good reasons.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are things of value that you provide that people will freely exchange their email to receive.

  • Increasingly people will not give you their email unless it’s in exchange for something they value and is called a Lead Magnet. Do you have a lead magnet that helps you grow your email list?
  • What landing pages do you have? Do they convert your website visitors to enquiries or sign ups?

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a a short 2-3 minute video explaining what your product or service does in a way that relates to them. They are not sales pitches. They should show the viewer how you solve problems or improve their lives.

Increasingly people are looking to be educated before they commit to finding out more about your products and services. Do you have an explainer video?

We are now able to produce animated videos which are a lot cheaper to produce. For more info watch: KUB’s Promotional Video

Monitoring and Evaluation

What gets measured, gets done. In the digital world measuring the right things is fundamental to success. We use professional tools (that as a company you wouldn’t pay for), and so get an accurate picture of what is working and what isn’t. We then advise you if there is a problem and how it can be fixed. If it is something technical, then we will talk to your other digital suppliers, or it is part of a collaborative team we are leading we will sort out what needs to happen to fix it. To learn more about what we measure, please take a look at Measuring Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Co-ordination

As digital marketing becomes, more complex more effort is needed to ensure everybody is working to the same end goal. We act as your central point of contact and then organise whatever needs to be done. You can choose how much involvement you want. Some people prefer us to simply take care of it while others want to learn and develop their own digital marketing management skills. We are happy to work with you in your preferred style.

If you would like an informal chat about how we can help you, please call 0345 053 7417 or email:[email protected]