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Digital Marketing Management

The rate of evolution digital marketing has undertaken means to do it successfully now is entirely different from what it took even a few years ago. As we manage your digital marketing, we'll work within the boundaries of your budget. Our collaborative approach will get the most out of your investment, and you'll see sustainable growth for your business alongside consistently exceptional service.


What We Do

Over the years, we have worked with a lot of companies with their digital marketing management. In simpler times, this worked well. However, the increasing sophistication of digital marketing means that you now need a team of specialists for it to be effective.

Of course, we are happy to provide training on the various aspects of digital marketing, but in recognition of the challenge facing small and medium-sized businesses, we will also manage it for you.

We start by sitting down with you and working out what you need, and with our team of collaborators, we bring together a team of specialists that meet your needs. We set up a WhatsApp group so that we have rapid communication with you and everybody can see what is going on (no more email miscommunication).

We work through each aspect of digital marketing to see what you need and which will generate enquiries or orders. Below are some of the elements of digital marketing that we will discuss with you to determine whether they are relevant to you and your business.

Project Management

As digital marketing becomes more complex, more effort is needed to ensure everybody is working towards the same end goal. We act as your central point of contact and then organise whatever needs to be done. You can choose how much involvement you want. Some people prefer us to simply take care of it while others want to learn and develop their own digital marketing management skills. We are happy to work with you in your preferred style.


We’ll review your site, identifying and executing improvements that will put you ahead of the competition, including good domain authority and visibility on page 1 of Google. Hidden errors on your site can give giving you a lower ranking. If you’re paying for ads, are the people it attracts spending enough time on your page and converting into customers and enquiries? If not, we have various means turn an under-performing website into an exceptional one.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most powerful tools for B2B companies to connect with their target market, nurture prospects and convert them into clients. Through the use of conversational marketing techniques, you can sustainably increase your clientele over time. With tried and tested methods, KUB has refined this technique to build lasting and authentic relationships with prospects and converting them into loyal clients.

Social Media

Keeping up to date with the latest social media trends and ever-changing algorithms is challenging when you want to grow and engage with your audience consistently. Posting regular and engaging content is key, but it goes further than that. Your audience expects you to respond promptly to any queries or comments. This will result in your social following steadily growing, and you’ll reach more of your target, boosting your profit margin.

Video Marketing

Explainer videos are a fantastic way of engaging new customers and clients. They aren’t sales pitches. Instead, they consist of 2-3 minutes of footage, informing the viewer of how you could solve a problem or improve their lives. Increasingly, people want to be educated about a product or service before investing. We can also create animated videos that are a lot cheaper to produce, alongside various other forms of video marketing.


Email is an effective means of nurturing your existing and potential clients and customers. However, no one wants nuisance mail clogging up their inbox. We can ensure your email list is up to date with contacts that want updates. It’s also vital that those on your list have opted in and are GDPR compliant. Through distributing monthly emails, consisting of engaging, targeted, and useful content, you can grow your list further and drive more enquiries and sales.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are an extension of your email marketing. Fewer and fewer people are willing to give out their email. To incentivise them you can exchange something of value to them, for example, a discount for their first purchase. This should increase both your client list and your conversion rate. Conversions also depend on your landing page; if your website isn't relevant to your target, you will struggle to grow your contacts.

Personal Relations

How are you getting your brand out there and recognised by your prospects? Personal Relations, also known as PR, is an excellent way to increase your credibility amongst your business community and create engaging content through your wider marketing. Through the digital marketing management, we'll identify opportunities your business can explore and gain a competitive advantage.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measuring the results of your marketing is crucial to understanding how you’re going to enhance and refine your output. We use professional tools (that we cover the cost of) so you can get an accurate picture of what is and isn’t working. We interpret the results into actionable improvements and identify any problems, which we will then find a solution for. If there are any technical issues, we will talk with your other digital suppliers to fix the issue promptly.

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80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn Lead Generation.

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Average user spends 88% longer on websites with video. 

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Recommend if they have a positive experience.

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professionals say email marketing increases customer retention.

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