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Digital Marketing Coordinator

For many businesses, finding the necessary resources to coordinate digital marketing can be extremely challenging. Our expertise takes the pressure off; we can take care of it for you or educate you to manage it yourself.

Marketing Coordinator​

How Does It Work

Digital marketing coordination can transform your digital marketing. From your content across all the primary platforms to analysing your stats: digital coordinators strengthen your digital marketing, allowing you to re-purpose your precious time to grow and innovate.

When you break down what constitutes successful digital marketing as a whole, you realise the level of organisation it takes to execute all the elements at the level you need to is considerable. Not only that but if you aren’t performing well in one aspect of your digital marketing, it will impact on your performance as a whole.

It can be an overwhelming thing to take on for any business, particularly for SMEs. Digital coordination removes the burden of having to manage the whole thing yourself. We can go through each element of digital marketing and educate you on how to do it successfully, and coordinate your digital marketing to run seamlessly as a whole. Think of us as having an in house marketing person without the overheads.

Choose Your Hours

Pick from up to half a day to a full day of our marketing team's time per month. This is a monthly package in order to keep you accountable to consistent marketing.

Choose What You need

After we've established what your marketing plan is, we can decide who, what and when needs to implement marketing elements. This package is a flexible which means, every month will look different according to the needs of the business.

Choose Your Marketing KPI

Each month, we'll monitor and measure your marketing so that it continues to grow and hit your business goals. With consistent communication with the team, we'll be your marketing department without the added overheads.

Digital Coordinator Manchester
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98% of all online users use social media platforms for entertainment.

1 %

42% of people use social media to research brands or products.

1 %

73% of consumers say that email is their prefrerred marketing channel.

1 %

56% of online users watched videos on social media in the last month.

Skills Required for a Digital Coordinator

Objective Setting

We'll discuss your goals and measure our performance against them. We also discuss your expectations, ensuring they're realistic in respect to given timescales and budgets. Your project can then get underway with everyone on the same page

Project Management

Strong project management is essential to have your goals realised. Many businesses already have great project management but lack time and in-depth digital marketing knowledge. We can manage your projects, led by the agreed upon objectives.


Creativity is key for capturing the attention and inspiring your target to invest- for example, 94% of negative website feedback is design related. Whether it's the content you post or the way your website looks, creativity should be at the heart of everything.

Writing Skills

Exceptionally written, informative and engaging content is fundamental to any business. We have in-house copywriters that will ensure every word in your digital marketing is purposeful. SEO will also be integrated to ensure your target can find you easily on Google.

Technical Development

We can help you develop the technical side of your digital marketing, which you might be struggling with. Based on your agreed objectives, we can create engaging videos, including graphics and animation for your social media or website, setting you apart from your competitors.

Analytical Skills

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing management service where we closely align our activities with the needs and goals of your business. We then monitor and analyse the engagement our actions generate. Through our analysis, we can identify provide solutions.

"Charleh is a pleasure to work with, right off the mark, plenty of creative ideas, terrific at social media, bright, knowledgeable and buzzing with energy. When she is in a room, people take notice!"
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