Digital Marketing Analysis Reporting Management

When we work with a client, we ask a number of questions to find out if their existing digital marketing is working properly. This can be to support the person responsible in the business as they are generally coordinators and may lack technical depth or to ensure external agencies who are delivering the service are doing the job that they have been paid to do:

  • Is your website really organised so that it can be found on Google?
  • Do you know which of what you have written is of interest to your potential visitors? Does it attract the right visitors to your website?
  • Is web site free of errors so that Google will show you higher up on the results
  • Overall what does Google think of your website?
  • How long do your visitors stay on your website, do they find it useful, and does it meet their needs?
  • How often do you share information on social media?
  • Which social media channel works best for you?
  • Which of your posts gives you the highest engagement and reach?
  • If you use Google or Facebook advertising which advert/boosted post brings you the right visitors?

So if we are helping you with your social media or digital marketing as a whole, we will establish KPIs (for an overview go to: How do you know your digital marketing is working? ) and each month send you a detailed report showing how your social media has performed. We also add a short commentary in the email to save you reading the report if you don’t like or understand the actual numbers.)

For a free sample report, call 0345 053 7417 or email:  [email protected]