KUB Symbols - Content MarketingContent marketing – unlike traditional marketing – is more than a sales tactic. It is a form of marketing that shows the customer who you are instead of drilling the perfect image of your business into their heads through repetitive ads. Broadcasting advertising messages is no longer the only way to win over customers’ hearts. Nor is it the best.

To effectively advertise your business – alongside a carefully planned marketing strategy – you need to continuously share relevant and well-written content on your website and social channels. Doing so will enable you to build a loyal consumer fan base, share expertise, and position yourself as the industry expert.

You can achieve these goals through a variety of formats. You could create a series of case studies to showcase your achievements and how you’ve helped your customers. Why not create an ongoing weekly blog to educate, advise, or entertain your readers? Setting up a monthly newsletter allows you to share industry insights with your network. Rewording your website can help you achieve maximum optimisation. You could even consider offering free mini ebooks as a way to promote your services. Potential customers love something useful for free, and so providing valuable materials that show off your skills is a perfect way to begin to build a community of loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Ultimately, clever content helps you drive profitable customer action by:

  • Increasing sales
  • Building a better quality customer base

All for less than traditional outbound marketing.

To deliver your bespoke content, we’ve partnered with local Manchester-based content marketing agency Coster Content. Helping customers from small to medium businesses to larger FTSE 250 organisations, website content writer Alia Coster and her team will work closely with you and captivate your audience through engaging content written in your tone of voice.  

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