KUB can help your business look its best with our innovative, fresh approach to Branding. Professionally designed marketing literature can be the difference between gaining new clients and losing out to one of your competitors. Effective branding is crucial to any business in any industry as it helps to distinguish you from your competitors and give your business the professional-looking identity it deserves. From digital through to print design, we can help your business look it's very best.


What We Do

Graphic Design – with the knowledge, directive, and effective communication we are to produce innovate designs to produce exciting results for many ranges of clientelle from B2B and B2C. When creating design we believe the key is being able to communicate with the client as much a possible. By designing on platforms that both we and the clientelle are able to easily access, allows us to proactively design on critque.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to maintain contact with, nurture and retain existing customers. However, most people who receive these emails will know that many go unopened because they aren’t engaging enough or lack relevance. We can improve your click-through rate by creating relevant, engaging content to send out each month to clients, which will, in turn, encourage them to remain loyal to your brand and continually invest in your products/services.

All aspects of digital marketing are interconnected, so sending out engagement-generating content in your marketing emails means that other aspects of your marketing require attention. Otherwise, you’ll end up repetitively recycling old and ineffective content, which won’t engage and could result in a loss in subscribers. If you talk about the latest developments, such as a recent case study, or an article about something new within your industry, you’ll grow your contact list without repeating yourself.

1 %

 of consumers will leave a website if it features poor graphic design and branding.

1 %

of business owners think graphic design is very important to the success of their business.

1 %

website visitors relate the website design to the credibility of the brand/company

1 %

Revenue increase in the business if branding is consistent across all marketing channels.

Increase revenue

How a customer perceives you and your business is based on the quality of your branding. The better the quality, the more revenue you can command from your clients and ultimately increase the business' revenue.

Attract new customers

One facet when developing your branding is your message. Depending on what your message is, will dictate which clients resonate with you. Making sure your marketing message and image are inline together, will attract the right customers.

Better marketing foundation

Your branding identity starts with your colour scheme and typography which will be the foundation of all your marketing assets such as social media posts, website design and emails. Take the time needed to create the foundations to your business.

OUR promise


"Charleh is extremely driven, ambitious, knowledgable and focused. I had a meeting with her to help promote my business online. Already after a few weeks my business image online has grown drastically. Charleh has a super bright future ahead, thanks again for your advice and support."
Danny Townley
Broadway Cleaning

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