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Digital Marketing ManagementDigital Marketing Management

As each day passes digital marketing becomes more complex and more in-depth skills are needed in each area to maintain success. At KUB we are specialists in digital marketing management and social media. We then collaborate with other specialists to deliver what you need to drive sales with digital marketing. This means that you get what you need now and also can be adapted to meet your needs in the future. More information


Digital Marketing Action PlanningDigital Marketing Action Planning

Before you start anything, you should always sit down and plan what you are hoping to achieve. Before we take on your social media management, we have a formal planning session with you to outline your goals and by when. The meeting is an up to 3-hour director level planning session in a location of your choice (with internet). In this, we focus on your content, brand identity across all social media platforms and login details (transferred securely). More information


Digital Marketing Management ReportingDigital Marketing Reporting & Analysis

Digital Marketing Analysis Reporting Management is part of our core social media packages. This is so that we can help our team and you identify what works and what doesn’t. There is no one hard and fast approach to social media as every company and their audience is different. We use a professional reporting tool to collate the data from each of your social media which it then assembles in an easy to understand format. This is sent to you each month. With the report, we also provide a summary to save you the time reading the entire document should you prefer a shorthand version. If there any actions that need to be taken – either by you or ourselves – we’ll highlight this for you. More information

KUB Symbols - Content MarketingContent Marketing

Creating great content, whether that is words, images, videos, podcasts etc is a challenge for any business. Yet great engaging content is fundamental to any business. We collaborate with talented writers to bring you engaging content that can help you get found on Google. More information



Website Development & ManagementWebsite Development and Management

There are a lot of website developers out there and with getting on top of Google becoming more important for more companies and security becoming a bigger issue the more important it is that you have professional help when selecting the right developer.

We have the professional tools, technical knowledge and experience to support you through procurement, project management and performance monitoring of the supplier. More information


Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We provide a comprehensive social media management service where we closely align our activities with the needs and goals of your business. The package includes posting to all relevant social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linked Company pages and Instagram.) You can also add Snapchat management, but this is a separate package. If you have an email list, then we include one email per month sent out via MailChimp as that can be a beneficial way to keep your existing audience engaged. More information


KUB Video Marketing SymbolVideo Marketing

Video can be challenging to do but there is no doubt that you will get higher engagement and better conversion rates if you do use it. We have taken a new approach. We work in quarters and at the start of each quarter we visit your premises and take stock footage of you, your premises and, if possible, your products & services. Working with your agreed objectives, once a month we create a 60 second video for your social media or website.  More information.


KUB Influencer MarketingInfluencer Marketing

Social media is split into three types of media: owned, earned and paid. Influencer marketing is exposure that you earn through social media and it is what people are saying about you. Influencer marketing is a reaching out campaign (emails/direct messages/tweets) to active online members of the community that attract your target buying persona. Did you know? 70% of the social conversations about your brand take place on earned media channels. This means there is a lot of talking and more importantly, awareness, attraction and engagement with your brand. More information


Email MarketingEmail Marketing 

Email marketing is a proven standard of marketing that produces a fantastic ROI (Return On Investment). This is because – when combined with social media, it leads a consumer down the traditional marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is; awareness, attraction, engagement, conversion and retention. Statistically, we know that it takes 6 – 8 touches to get a consumer to buy from you. Through repeated efforts using digital marketing, you increase the probability or in sales/enquiries. More information


LinkedIn Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. To do this, we look at your business objectives and your target audience.  Your clients and potential customers are online and we help you to connect with them. More information



Recruitment Marketing

As you grow your company, you need a proven process to strengthen your team in order to cope with demand. Most companies are well placed to manage the recruitment process but tend to be poor at finding suitable candidates. We offer recruitment marketing to reduce the costs of an agency and give you more control over the process. More information


Shopify eCommerce


We have helped a number of businesses move into eCommerce cost effectively through the use of Shopify. We act as your project manager/coach to help you setup the business and help you manage it and grow it. We introduce you to designers and search engine experts so that you can grow sales and we can help you with social media, content and email marketing where required. More information

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