Which eCommerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Shop?

Which eCommerce Platform?

Popularity, flexibility, technical resource and price are the four main factors to consider before deciding which ecommerce platform to use. There are quite a lot of them to choose from.

Popularity. You want to find a platform that a lot of people trust. You don’t want an option that is not that popular or else you are placing your business at risk. Certain platforms are more popular because they are trustworthy and a lot of business owners prefer them.

Flexibility. Once you are fine with the option in terms of popularity, you can check its flexibility. This allows you to easily determine if changes can be done on the platform. Flexible platforms are easier to use and more convenient as your business starts to grow.

Technical Resource. Access to technical skills is also important. A lot of businesses who now need to have an eCommerce platform simply don’t have access to the technical resource to take advantage of the free options that are available such as WooCommerce and Magento and so need to look at fully hosted eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Price. Most of all, you have to check the price. Although the most popular platforms are free such as WooCommerce and Magento you do need to take into account the technical resources that are needed to set them up and these can be quite considerable where integration with other cloud based systems such as Xero/MailChimp/Google Shopping/Facebook are required.

It takes time to screen the options based on these standards. Use the infographic below for help in searching for the platform you would be most suitable for you bearing in mind what resource you have to implement the solution.

Choosing the wrong option can lead to very expensive fixes down the line. Choosing the right  eCommerce platform solution can make it easier for your customers to do business with you and so lead to increased sales that you would not have had.

Which ecommere platform is best for you?