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The Importance of Using Videos In Your Social Media Marketing

Long gone are the days where social media meant sharing a simple line of text about what you were getting up to that day, or what you thought about the six nations match. Now, social media is saturated with every form of information you can wrap your head around. Text, videos, images, and combinations of all of these. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter give you the opportunity to share your videos with whoever will watch. It is this ability to upload moving images and share them with the world that is the key to building a larger brand following. It will further the success of your business. Your social media marketing strategy needs to include these videos.

Keeping it simple

A video is a smooth and effortless form of gathering and sharing information. People have short attention spans and want things to be easy. That’s what you get with videos. There’s no tedious writing to read, no misinterpreted tone, and people can sit back and absorb the information. Videos give us a break from the ever bombarding textual information we come across online and in our lives. The proof of this is in the stats.

People watch over 5 billion videos every single day on YouTube alone. 300 hours of video is uploaded to the platform every single minute. So, standing out among the masses can be hard if you don’t have a fantastic social media marketing plan. You also need excellent, engaging, and original content to make your mark. But with such a high number of viewers, when you do stand out, the rewards are overwhelming.

It’s not just utilising YouTube that can benefit your social media marketing. Almost every social network has the function for self-hosting video content, meaning that you don’t have to redirect viewers to YouTube in order for them to enjoy your content.

To be able to make it to the top, a high standard in your videos is essential. If one element that goes into making a great video is even slightly wrong, a person will scroll past within a second. The volumes of quality video content online mean people don’t have to sit around and wait for your video to load, or try to decipher words through poor sound quality. So, what do you need to do?

What you need to do

One of the most important things to focus on is how quickly you can grab your audience’s attention. Scrolling past any content is extremely simple, so making content that stands out and stop the scroll is paramount. This means that you should be focusing on two things: talking about something that is valuable to your audience, and finding the most interesting way to say it. Luckily, there are a whole host of ways to get your message across in an exciting form. This is something that applies to all social media marketing, not just on your video content.

Younger generations have made their love for amateur video content creators known. You don’t need to worry about being a professional videographer to create excellent quality content. If you are worried, there is plenty of help out there if you are struggling with content creation. But, you do need to make sure your picture quality is high. Aim for HD, or as high as possible. There’s no better way to make someone switch off your video than a blurry image. Also, the sound needs to be crystal clear.

You don’t have to be a professional videographer. But, it takes more than having the latest smartphone to make the perfect video to promote your brand and get people excited. That’s why you should consider hiring a social media marketing agency. They know the ins and outs of fantastic video content that will get you noticed. They will sit down with you and create a plan of action as to how you are going to reach your audience. Once you are both at an agreement, they will put their experts to work, creating seamless videos to post across multiple social media platforms.

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