Single One Page Plans to Help you Grow Your Business


One Page Plans to Help You Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered why some businesses are more successful than others? Why do some people seem to grow a business out of nothing? There are natural entrepreneurs who simply “get it”. They seem instinctively to know what to do. For the rest of us who run a business then we need to use a structured approach that is easy, straightforward and achieves the same goal.

I have worked with over 300 business owners and managers over the last 15 years across many sectors to introduce simple, proven approaches that can help you identify a winning strategy and then help you plan out the most effective route to making it happen. These methods fit on one page documents that focus on the key things that really matter and which will make a difference. This makes them very easy to keep up to date and can be easily updated during one of our business coaching sessions. My clients have often then adapted them to suit their particular business and become part of their everyday management.

This approach can work with sole business owners right through to management teams of 12 or more of multi-million pound businesses. For the smaller business this means regular 3 hour strategy and implementation meetings, for larger management teams this usually means ½ day to multi-day workshops depending on the complexity of the business.

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