The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

guide to social media marketing

Contents Introduction The Rise of Social Media Why It’s Important for your Business Growth An Omnichannel Approach Branding The Psychology of Social Media Which Platform Should You Use? Creating a Strategy Owned, Paid and Earned Media Algorithms The Different Types of Ads on Social Media Using the “Stories” Feature The Importance of Video Content Influencer […]

How to Work from Home Effectively with a Team

How to Work from Home Effectively with a Team

Since the internet was introduced into the modern workplace as the new norm, workers have progressively started working at home more frequently. This increase in remote working coincides with Millennials and Gen Z dominating and thriving in the digital era. That being said, knowing how to work from home in complete isolation is very different […]

Why Relationship Marketing Matters

relationship marketing

We live in a time defined by the drastic shift in how we form and enact relationships. Years ago, almost every social or economic interaction was done face to face. Those times are long gone, we now form and maintain many of our relationships through technology, and the same goes for business transactions, resulting in […]

How to Make Video Marketing an Effective Solution for SMEs

video marketing an effective solution

How to make video marketing an effective solution for SMEs It’s well reported that video content has been the next big thing in the marketing landscape for some time now, and large companies have heeded that advice and have been reaping the rewards. The constant stream of successful and stimulating video content from larger companies […]

7 Lessons I Learnt From Starting A Business Whilst Being Under 23

7 Lessons I Learnt From Starting A Business Whilst Being Under 23

7 Lessons I Learnt From Starting A Business Whilst Being Under 23 Starting a business – or even getting involved as a professional – when you’re young (being under 23) can be intimidating or in my case “ignorance is bliss”. There are many lessons, 7 in fact, to be learnt. I was brought up by […]

How to Write a Case Study that Lands New Clients

case study

Have you thought about how to write a case study that lands new clients? Case studies are vital for building credibility and showcasing how your product or service provides a solution or fulfils a desire your target has. A great case study can help close a sale, so making sure you’ve taken the time to […]

How to Drive Sales with Digital Marketing Workshop at Strawberry Fields

Millennials and Generation Z now account for more than half the working population, they are digitally native and they have now entered their prime spending years. If you haven’t already done so you need to review whether your digital marketing is working for you as your customer base will expect to communicate digitally with you […]

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction using Technology

how to improve customer satisfaction using technology

Why Customer Services Must Change Have you ever wondered how to improve customer satisfaction using technology? We live in a time where we all want things faster and cheaper than ever before. Technology is very much at the heart of this as it continues to fundamentally change the way we all do things, whether we […]

Tips To Make Your Video Content Engaging

video content

[Edited 11/045/20] Edited in light of COVID19.    We all know that video content is the most engaging medium that can be used to interact with and present information to your audience. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to present information that will actually be retained. In fact, research shows that viewers retain 95% of […]

The ultimate technical guide to video marketing in 2020


Video marketing is going to be more important for business in 2020 than it ever has been and every business needs to understand how to make the most of it. It provides business with a way of communicating with their customer base in a more engaging, exciting and digestible way that helps turn interest into […]

Why your business needs to prioritise video marketing in 2020

why your business needs video marketing

Video is on the rise; it’s inescapable, and there’s no stopping it, so asking why your business needs video marketing is almost the same as asking ‘why does my business need to appeal to my target?’. After all, 81% of businesses are already using video marketing, and this is only set to increase, but that […]

How to Write an Effective Article

write an effective article

[Updated 12/05/20]   Being able to write an effective article that gets you to the top of search engines and engages your target market is a vital component of your broader digital marketing strategy. This isn’t anything new; creating captivating and informative content has long been a means of cheaply building credibility as an expert […]