Digital Marketing Review

Digital Marketing Review: How do you manage your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Review

You can’t avoid digital marketing; it invades every aspect of our lives. Millennials are now the largest generations in western history and have now moved into their prime spending years (in 2015 the oldest millennials were 35 years old). Millennials’ unique life experiences will reshape the economy; the ways they buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come. Millennials were brought up on technology, the use it without thinking and they expect the world around them. So when was the last time your carried out a digital marketing review?

The way the younger generation communicate has fundamentally changed. For example, they see a phone as an “interruptive device” preferring to send and receive messages on their own terms.

But I sell business to business you say. However, at aged 35 a number are now working in senior management positions and are now calling the shots within business. They will change the way the business works to suit the way they work.

What does the mean to you? When did you last carry out a digital marketing review?

If you haven’t already done so, you need to review all aspects of your digital marketing and determine whether what you are doing is working or not for your customers.

The nine areas you need to look at are:

  • Planning – What objectives have you set for 3 years, 12 months and the next 90 days? What does your business need to achieve and how does that translate in to driving sales?
  • Buyer Persona – Who, exactly, do you sell to? Who are your audience? In traditional terms you would segment your market place based on general needs. However, with digital marketing your audience is becoming more segmented and you will come across the term buyer personas. For example, you may sell to business owners. However, business owners can be millennials or they might be baby boomers with greatly differing needs.
  • Website – is it fit for purpose? Does it work well on a mobile device? Can your customers interact with you through their smartphone?
  • Keywords – What keyword phrases do prospects use to find the products or services supply? When did you last research this area? What evidence do you have that you are in fact correct?
  • Blogging/News/Case Studies – Depending on your market sector you will use a different term for more transitory information that you want to share with your audience. For want of a better expression, is your blog up to date? How are you demonstrating your expertise to the rest of the world? How are you keeping your web site alive in Google?
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+) – Which social media platforms work for your business? Which channels give you the most engagement? Which gives you the best return on investment?
  • Email Marketing including Nurturing – How do you collect your prospect’s emails? Have you got their permission to market to them? How do you keep your audience engaged so that when they are ready to buy they
  • Lead Generation – At the end of the day a business is established so that it can supply its products and services profitably. What does your marketing funnel look like? How does it generate leads for your business?
  • Monitoring – How do you know what is working and what isn’t? How do you measure the performance of your digital team or external agency?

When was the last time you carried out a diagnosis of your marketing?

How KUB works with Business Owners

We work alongside you to help you manage your digital marketing. We help you identify how your business goals can be translated through a digital marketing review and diagnosis. We are independent and can help you identify the resources you need to get digital marketing working in your company. In effect we work as digital coaches helping you embed digital marketing within your business whether helping your team learn and embed the latest technologies or working your suppliers to get them most out of them.

Taking Action

Recognising that there are many business owners who don’t have the time to keep up with the changes in digital marketing and how the changing buying habits of millennials will change the way that they communicate and interact with their business, KUB is offering a free 1.5 hours digital marketing review either at your premises if you are based in the North West or over Phone/Skype/Zoom if not.

Call 0333 050 9053 or email to arrange a suitable time.

Not sure? To get a better understanding download the ebook of how you can drive sales with digital marketing