How can LinkedIn marketing help YOUR business?

How can LinkedIn marketing help YOUR business?

How can LinkedIn marketing help YOUR business?How can LinkedIn help YOUR business?

One-third of the UK population are connected. Twenty million people across the United Kingdom have signed up to the professional networking site: LinkedIn. With so many people turning to social networks for useful content, it makes sense for businesses to take advantage of Linkedin marketing as a treasure trove of opportunity.

LinkedIn allows companies to engage with new and existing clients by posting relevant content. They’re an easily accessible advertisement space for you to highlight what’s going on in your world, talk about exciting new services, and to educate readers your industry, as well as much more. Using LinkedIn to manage your company’s social media profile is a great way of engaging with prospective employees. It’s also great for keeping current ones up to date with company news.

By creating shareable content, your network can help expand your company’s reach. Your connections will share your published content. This then becomes visible to their own networks. So, due to increasing your company’s visibility, you’ll be bringing in new audiences, and, in turn, new clients. How else can Linkedin benefit your business:


LinkedIn profiles reveal everything you would want to know about any job candidates you’re considering. From employment history to education, to personal bio’s, all the details are right there to be researched. It provides a place to connect with your employees and applicants. Your page can build a rapport with your network to create an image of a company that cares about its people. In return, your employees will have a sense of belonging to the company, and their passion will make itself known in their work.

Build credibility

A stronger network will also build on the company’s credibility. The more your network endorse your content, the better image your company will create. This is a fantastic way of highlighting the products, or services, your company provides. By having real customers offer recommendations and endorsements, your company will stand out.

Stay on trend

It’s not just about creating an online community. LinkedIn provides a place for extensive market research. By studying profiles based on your target demographic, your company can thrive on knowing exactly what the market wants. You’ll be able to see the kinds of links and videos your target audience is sharing. Then you can create suitable content to publish and make the most of current trends.

97% of B2B marketers who use social media as a marketing tool use LinkedIn. It’s an effective place from which to market, recruit, and research. Especially within the fast-paced online world, companies will thrive by creating a strong social media presence. LinkedIn offers the most efficient platform on the internet to do this.

To help utilise this powerful tool for your business, KUB can teach you how to effectively use Linkedin, or if you prefer, we can do it on your behalf. Why not get in touch on 0345 053 7417 today, to see how you can add another string to your marketing bow today?