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Is LinkedIn too boring for effective marketing?



Let’s get one thing straight. LinkedIn is not boring. The potential opportunity is exciting! Don’t get us wrong, LinkedIn can’t compete with the usage statistics of other major social media platforms. For example, 76% of Facebook’s users use the site every day and spend an average of 6.75 hours per month on it. This is in comparison to a measly 17 minutes per month spent on LinkedIn and only 18% of users access the site daily. If you look at stats like this, LinkedIn definitely comes across as a bit sad. But, you shouldn’t confuse quantity with quality.

Data doesn’t lie. But does it tell the whole truth?

Lower LinkedIn usage doesn’t mean people utilise it less. Those 17 minutes are spent wisely. 94% of B2B organisations rely on LinkedIn for content marketing and distribution. Also, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. The time spent on the site is generally lower, but the professional tone of LinkedIn, that some see as ‘boring’, is what makes LinkedIn such a good place to market your business.

How much of the 6.75 hours spent on Facebook will be useful to the user? Scrolling through Facebook involves being bombarded with nonsensical memes, frustrated by irrelevant political propaganda, and fake news. LinkedIn, was polled as the safest social ad platform for brands when it comes to divisive politics or fake news. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were not. LinkedIn’s focus on business relationships mean that there is a purer focus on sharing great content, business to business.

Effective B2B marketing

This isn’t boring, it’s effective. LinkedIn is what you make of it. Some people manage to grow their whole clientele through LinkedIn. Although, they probably spend more than 17 minutes per month using it. Sharing interesting and helpful content can lead B2B decision makers back to your site. This allows you to make the connections and sales you need to grow your business. Not only is LinkedIn focused on other professionals, its advanced audience targeting abilities mean you can focus your content on an even more specific group of workers who are most likely to turn into leads. 46% of social media traffic coming to B2B companies is from LinkedIn and 79% of B2B marketers believe it is an effective lead generator.

Claiming LinkedIn is boring is just another way of saying you’re not sure how to use it. Understanding that LinkedIn is an effective and important tool for lead generation, rather than an entertainment platform, can be the first steps in growing your business. You’ll be able to tailor your time on LinkedIn to focus on your business goals: Growing your customer base, developing B2B connections, and increasing profits through effective marketing. This certainly won’t be boring.

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