The lead generation process: Turning strangers into sales.

lead generation

The lead generation process

If you’ll forgive the terrible, cliché metaphor, lead generation is a bit like fishing. You’ve got to pick a good spot to cast your line. Change your bait depending on the fish you want to catch. Then you reel them in, so you can cook them. Well, don’t cook your fish so much as turn them into a valued, returning customer.

Like all things digital, lead generation is easy in theory, but quite challenging in practice. For one, your customers aren’t the aforementioned mindless fish, but real people, with real needs and wants. You’ll need to research your target audience. If they’re young, what hashtags and trends are they following? Can you link it back to your product and service? If they’re older, then they’re less likely to see your Instagram page, though they’ll probably see your Facebook ad.

Social media is a rather simple umbrella term for a group of very different platforms. At first glance, they all perform similar functions, but in actuality, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. are so different from one another. Each one attracts different crowds. Knowing your social media means knowing your audience. Used correctly, social media can be the best possible way of lead generation.

The biggest marketing points of your company will be your digital assets. This is your social media, your website, your email marketing, etc. We live in a digital world now. Without digital assets, you’d find it hard to secure any kind of customer base. If a customer can’t Google you, they’re going to find it hard to trust your business.

So, now you’ve found your customer base, and you’ve created digital assets. Now’s the time to fill those assets with something your customers can value. Depending on your business, this could be anything from training videos, to discount codes, to eBooks. There are no rules set in stone here; only that offer a solution your customers will appreciate.

You’ll also want a landing page to collect your customers’ data and information. By receiving this data, for example, and email address, you can begin to engage with your customer on a personal level.

The whole process can be summed up in what’s commonly known as the sales funnel.

lead generation

Stage 1: Awareness

This is the advertisement stage. Where your customer will see what you have posted or sent out.

lead generation

Stage 2: Attraction

Your potential customer is interested. This is when they’re looking into your business, so you want to make the best impression.

lead generation

Stage 3: Engagement

This is the most important part! Here, you’re going to build a relationship with your customers/clients. Twitter and Instagram followers, Facebook groups, email blasts, these things help build a rapport which leads to…

lead generation

Step 4: Conversion

Sold! Your customer has paid you for your goods and services.

 lead generation

Bonus Stage: Retention

Lastly, what’s better than a sale? Two sales. Then three sales, then four, etc. etc. Businesses rise and fall on their customer retention. You want to keep them coming back for more.

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