KUB Shares Growth Expertise with Gazprom Energy

KUB Shares Growth Expertise with Gazprom Energy

KUB Shares Growth Expertise with Gazprom EnergyKUB’s founder, Peter Dickinson, has recently been speaking with leading business energy supplier, Gazprom Energy – offering guidance for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to grow and develop.

As part of Gazprom Energy’s Business Basics series – which provides a platform for business experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge, experience and advice with business owners – Peter discussed the major factors to consider when planning for growth.

Peter shared his knowledge accrued from working with more than 300 businesses over the past 15 years. For many small and medium businesses, growth can be incredibly difficult to achieve alongside the day-to-day responsibilities. Peter’s advice includes how to spot opportunities for growth – from the right time to expand to identifying the most suitable markets to expand into.

The advice offered by Peter in his Business Basics entry incorporates both strategic planning advice and the finer elements of execution. Although all businesses are different, and will require different approaches for growth, many of the principles discussed apply to enterprises of all sizes and all industries.

Alongside the strategic elements of planning for growth and securing the funds for an expansion – Peter covers the most pertinent issues facing business owners keen to increase their market share and take the organisation to the next level.

Throughout the piece, Peter emphasises the importance of careful research and continually revisiting and reconsidering targets. Through this process of updating and upscaling targets, businesses can realign their aspirations in line with their current position, market trends and industry health.

Helping to remove and reduce risks throughout the planning process can improve the chances for successful growth – another important factor discussed by Peter. This is especially important for first-time business owners who may not foresee the potential problems and pitfalls which lay around the corner.

Finally, Peter discusses one of the biggest issues that face small and medium business owners – a reluctance to action growth. Many business owners believe that growth will happen organically without any additional input or exertion. For true growth to be achieved, it is vital that efforts are made to grow – rather than just waiting for it to happen.

So, whilst business growth can never be absolutely guaranteed, following Peter’s advice and the footsteps of more established firms can help improve the chances of success.

To read Peter’s full Business Basics entry, visit the Gazprom Energy blog.