Introducing Vision2Success 

As a business owner, you’ll be well aware that the right approach to digital marketing can transform a business’s success. Perhaps you’ve even dipped your toes into the world of digital marketing yourself, but did you get the payoff you wanted?

At KUB, we’ve worked with over 500 companies throughout the years. In that time, it’s become clear one of the most prominent challenges businesses face is a lack of marketing knowledge to develop and implement the right strategy to find new customers and increase sales.

That’s why, after more than two decades of helping businesses to achieve their goals through smart strategy and digital marketing, KUB is extremely excited to announce the launch of our new sister brand, Vision2Success.


What is Vision2Success?

Vision2Success is a brand created by KUB so that customers can differentiate our agency work from what we do to help them take care of their own marketing. By helping clients to broaden their knowledge of tried and tested digital marketing tools and techniques, we’re on a mission to empower everyone we work with to be the best they can be.


What services does Vision2Success offer?

Vision2Success offers a blend of educational services, so whether businesses are only just starting out on their digital marketing journey or want to improve the results of their existing strategy, there’s something for everyone. These services include:


Free digital marketing workshops

Every Wednesday at 11:00 am (GMT), we’re running a 60-minute workshop around the digital marketing topic of the week. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the tricks of the trade and get answers to your burning questions. You can register here.


Online learning

We’ve created a variety of online learning resources so that you can learn about the different facets of digital marketing at your own pace and begin to build a marketing strategy that is effective and sustainable. These online courses are included in the 90-day programme. You can access them here.


90-day fast track programme

The fast track programme is there to take your digital marketing from zero to hero in the space of 90 days. Through a combination of tailored learning, mastermind groups and reports, we’ll help you build the right knowledge to create and implement your strategy with the support of regular 121s with a success coach to ensure you stay on track. Find out more here.


Digital marketing strategy and implementation

If you want to make your marketing is consistent and effective, you need to have the right processes in place. By accessing the support of seasoned marketing professionals to help with your research, planning and execution, this package will enable you to do just that. Find out more here.


So, what do you need to improve your digital marketing?

If your answer is the knowledge, tools and strategy to make it work for your business, then Vision2Success is the perfect choice for you. 

So, why not start by attending one of our free weekly workshops? By attending, you’ll learn about some of the tried and tested techniques you should be using to target your audience, as well as how to implement them to produce sustainable growth.  

Our Vision2Success clients are seeing more traffic, more engagement, and most importantly, more enquiries, all while having more time to spend on other areas of their business – so don’t miss out!

Sign up for the next free Vision2Success workshop here.