The Indispensable Welcome Email

The Indispensable Welcome Email

The Indispensable Welcome Email

Welcome is a small word yet has a magnitude of an impact. As humans we love to be in a space where we feel welcomed. The same goes on in the marketing world. As a subscriber I’d love to get a warm inviting welcome email from the brand I just signed up for. It’ll just automatically put the brand in my top favorite list. Then, again who wouldn’t? But the shocking part is that only 57.7% of brands greet new subscribers with welcome emails.

Although the effect of a welcome email fades away if it’s not done immediately. It’s like you go to a private party but the host actually welcomes you after an hour into the party. It just doesn’t have the same impact now does it?

Here’s a great infographic on ‘The Indispensable Welcome Email’ by InboxArmy that’s sure to make you take this little gesture seriously.

Welcome email best practices Source:Welcome Email Best Practices

KUB has successfully worked with upwards of 500 businesses over the last 19 years across a wide range of sectors to help them grow and achieve their goals. Having worked with so many companies it is clear one of the biggest challenges businesses face is finding new customers and growing sales.

KUB has evolved to being a hybrid digital marketing agency. In other words, we will do your digital marketing for you or we will show you the latest techniques to give you a competitive advantage.

By working with our clients to help them drive sales and grow their business, we found that they didn’t have the skills within their firm to use digital marketing to reach their target audience and then engage with them effectively.

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