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How Often Should I Post on My Blog?

“How often should I post on my blog?” is a question that our clients ask A LOT.

And who can blame them? 

With so many of your competitors producing a seemingly endless number of blog posts to engage target audiences, the pressure is on to try and match that kind of output. 

A quick scan on Google reveals the standard recommendation is anywhere from 11-16 posts a month – that works out at between 2.75 and 4 blog posts per week.

That’s a pretty intimidating number for any small business owner who’s already stretched on time. 

But want to know a secret? You actually don’t need to blog as much as you probably think you need to.

Why, you ask? 

There’s no silver bullet solution in marketing

As much as a blog is a valuable addition to your business (it helps to educate readers, generates organic, and shows you know your stuff), it’s far from the only type of content you need to succeed.   

If you do spend hours and hours each month crafting perfectly written articles, that’s great – but what happens when Google’s latest algorithm update unexpectedly impacts your traffic? 

What happens when you take a month’s hiatus to recharge, only to come back and see your blog content has plummeted through the search rankings? 

By only paying attention to your blog – and neglecting the newer kids on the block (think video and podcast content) – you’re potentially setting yourself up for a big fall. 

The competition for blogs is bloody HIGH

If blogging is the only form of content in your wheelhouse, you’re missing out on much less competitive opportunities to expand your reach and showcase your expertise to your audience. 

Think about it, there are more than 600 million blogs on the internet, while there are only 2 million podcasts.

I know which number I’d rather be up against. 

Spilt your time

That’s why we recommend taking the time you spend on blogging and splitting it up to allocate to creating other forms of content.   

Podcasts, videos and graphics are three great options to get started. They might even be quicker to create than your usual blog writing.

You could create a 5-minute podcast episode or a 30-second video with just as much value as an article – you can even use your SEO skills to maximise their reach like you would with your blog.

And graphics can be quick to create (even if you are technically challenged), especially when you use intuitive tools like Canva to give you a helping hand. 

Plus, if you create these types of content in bulk, you’ll only need to spend a few hours once a month to create a backlog of value-driven content that you can share over the coming weeks. 

Don’t worry – blog writing is STILL relevant

If you’re a wordsmith who loves to sit down and sink your teeth into writing a blog post each week, don’t stop!

After all, 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging

Plus you’re more likely to succeed if your work is backed by passion.

But digital marketing works best when you have a holistic approach. If you have a strong video, podcast and blog strategy in place, that’s going to be much more powerful than a blog alone. 

Hate blog writing?

If you already create different types of content but find yourself hitting a brick wall every time you sit down to write a blog, we have a few hints and tips to help you beat the dreaded writer’s block.

Here are some of our handy resources:

And if you’re reeaalllyyyy stuck… 

Try AI like Japser. This is an incredible software that will make writing your next article a breeze. 

OR you could just get us KUB lot to do it for you. 

If you’re a business owner, we have created a blog, “The Essential Top 72 Marketing Questions for Growing a Business“, to help you get started on your marketing efforts.

So if you need help with your digital marketing, get in touch.