Group Mentoring

Are there times when as a business owner, you feel alone? Are there times when everybody is looking to you for an answer, but you don’t have any? Are there times when you know your job, but you don’t feel as though you have been trained enough to lead a business?

If you have ever run a business, you will know far too well the feeling of frustration from not being able to “fix” a problem in your business. Most of the problems that fall into this category generally come down to employing people.

It’s when you fall into these problems that having a trusted group of advisors is worth its weight in gold. It’s this group of people with whom you can pick up the phone to call at any time and talk through a problem and, in return, get their most honest assessment.

So, What is Team Mentoring? 

Team mentoring for business helps you develop your personal skills in questioning, listening and coaching. These transferable skills help you in becoming a better leader and, over time, help you develop an approach that will result in a better ran business. Your new coaching style will empower your employees to start thinking for themselves under your guidance.

Why Team Mentoring for Business Works

Team mentoring for business allows you to benchmark yourself against your peers. It can help you assess where you need to improve and see what you are already doing well.

As mentioned at the start, running a business can be a lonely place for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs. Team mentoring once a month can be a respite from the day-to-day running of the business and give you a chance to work ON the business for a change.

The group can also help to motivate you when times are tough and re-energize you.

The end result, your better decision-making skills will allow you to grow your business faster and build up your coaching skills to better guide and empower your staff to take the initiative, allowing you to spend less time working in the business.