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50 Email Marketing Stats for 2021

50 Email Marketing Stats for 2021


Email marketing has been around for a good while. In fact, the first email marketing blast was sent in 1978 to 400 recipients- resulting in $13 million in sales!

While technology has come a long way since the ’70s, email marketing hasn’t gone anywhere. There’s no browsing the internet without being asked to sign up for a newsletter in exchange for something, whether that’s a discount, a free course, or one of the many other options.

The reason businesses are so keen to capture the emails of their visitors is because it works and can provide a lot of value from a relatively small investment. 

But it’s also important to understand what recipients expect from marketing emails– failing to do so will result in high unsubscribe rates and low engagement. By taking a look at email marketing stats, you can begin to scratch the surface of what works and what your customers actually want to hear from you about.


But don’t take my word that it works, check out our list of 50 emailing marketing stats for 2020 to see for yourself:


1. Timing is everything- 21% of emails get opened within the first hour of being sent


2. Europe is the continent with the highest open rate, at almost 27%


3. Both the UK and US have average open rates of 18.39%


4. 80% of business professionals claim email marketing improves customer retention


5. Sending customers 3 abandoned cart emails is better than 1, generating 69% more purchases


6. 87% of marketers use email to distribute content organically 


7. The non-profit sector has the highest open rate for emails at 36.15%


8. 73% of millennials prefer business correspondence through email


9. Video works- including it can increase click-through by 300%


10. 81% of SMEs rely on email as their main acquisition channel


11. Give your emails a personalised touch to get a 50% better open rate


12. 99% of consumers use their email account every day 


13. Emails with images have an 8% higher open rate


14. 90% of marketers track email engagement to measure performance 


15. Take advantage of your welcome emails- the average open rate is 82%


16. Almost 60% of marketers claim email is their largest ROI


17. 46% of emails are opened using a phone


18. Across home, work and mobile, people check their email 20 times a day


19. 31% of people say that email is the highest performing way to nurture leads


20. Engagement is on the up over the past 12 months, 78% of marketers claim


21. Only 43% of people enter a genuine email into websites that require one to continue


22. 42.3% of people will delete a marketing email if it’s not mobile-optimised


23. Emails about hobbies have the highest overall open rate (27.74% OR)


24. 23% of brands have uses interactive elements in their email campaigns


25. Germany has the highest email open rate in Europe, with an average of 40


26. 59% of people claim that email marketing influences what they buy 


27. Including the contact’s name on the subject line can increase open rates by 18.3%


28. 64% of people will open an email if they trust the brand sending it


29. Across all industries, the average open rate is 21.33%


30. The average click rate across all industries is 2.62%


31. 64% of B2B companies use a dedicated email marketing platform


32. 40% of B2Bs say newsletters are their most important marketing strategy


33. Social share buttons can improve the click-through rate by 158%


34. 66% of users unsubscribe if emails aren’t relevant 


35. Using A/B testing your emails can bring in 37% higher returns


36. 27% of marketers don’t think their email marketing is integrated well into other channels


37. 72% of users get promotional content via email


38. Women spend 7 minutes longer a month checking their emails


39. Overall, men open almost 3% more emails than women do 


40. 74% of consumers want to receive gender-neutral marketing messages


41. 94% of small businesses write their own email copy 


42. The average email deliverability is 79.6%


43. Saturdays and Wednesdays have the worst click-through rate of the week, at 2.5


44. Tuesdays have the highest open rates, at 18.3%


45. iPhone devices have the highest conversion rate, 38.21%


46. 75% of Gmail users access their account through their smartphone


47. More than 50% of people think humour is ok in marketing emails 


48. 65% of small business average open rates between 11% – 50%


49. There are expected to be 4.3 billion email users by 2023


50. As many as 70% of brands do not track their email marketing ROI effectively


And that’s it! I hope you find these email marketing stats interesting and useful. If you need help with your business’s email marketing, you can keep up with the latest email marketing trends with our article here, or contact us here.