What is in a Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Description

What is in a Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Description?

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Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Description

In a lot of small to medium-sized companies, a digital marketing coordinator is a key role. Unfortunately, those employing them are not always up to speed on what that person should be doing let alone have the digital marketing skills to manage, guide and motivate them. This means that the company doesn’t make the progress it needs and the person can become demotivated and leaves. This article is about what you need to think about in terms of roles and responsibilities for a digital marketing coordinator job description. The skills and experience will very much depend on your budget and how much your business depends on digital marketing.

Objective Setting

The first step is to extract from the business objectives those that are relevant to digital marketing.

  • Align digital marketing objectives with those of the business
  • Identify and develop the buyer personas for the company’s products and services
  • Review how customers typically purchase & agree on an Inbound/Outbound strategy
  • Determine where prospects/customers consume digital information
  • Identify key customer pains and gains (to make sure content and Adverts are on message)
  • Review competitor behaviour and monitor
  • Develop a coherent digital marketing plan including budgets for the business
  • Agree on a schedule of digital marketing management meetings & monitor resultant actions

Website Management

The company’s website is the centre of your company’s digital universe. It’s where you drive visitors to and hopefully get them engaging with your content and subsequently converting them into to a lead or a sale.

  • Ensure the site loads quickly, works well on mobile, is backed up and is free from errors.
  • Ensure the site is up to date, relevant and free from crawl errors.
  • Compile, maintain and monitor a list of keyword phrases that the company needs to be found for.
  • Maintain a content plan for new content that will go on the website.
  • Upload new content (blogs or new pages) on a regular basis (ideally weekly) and ensure it’s shared across relevant social media platforms.
  • Ensure all content has had basic SEO optimisation.
  • If people search for what you do, either in-house or outsourced:
    • Put in place and maintain an SEO strategy.
    • Use Google Search Console to identify errors & fix them.
    • Put in place & manage Adword campaigns for Google & Bing.
    • Manage Adword remarketing.
    • Manage Google Shopping for eCommerce sites.
  • Implement and manage LiveChat/Chatbots on the website to increase engagement.
  • Monitor conversion rates and implement split testing to improve conversion rates.

Social Media/PR

Social media is about raising awareness, educating your customers and engaging with them digitally.

  • Liaise with other members of the company to get educational material, company stories, case studies and thought leadership articles from senior managers.
  • Ensure LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Google for Business/Instagram business pages are consistent with your brand and up to date.
  • Regular posts to social media, ideally once a day, more if you are an eCommerce business but as an absolute minimum once per week but 3 times (Tue, Thu, Sun) is a better minimum.
  • If you need to find people who are likely to buy your services:
    • Audience development (ensure you are getting to the right buyer personas) by proactively growing your connections on relevant platforms
    • Engagement with your audience by starting conversations (Social selling)
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising
  • Facebook remarketing campaigns
  • Review what PR opportunities there might be and develop and implement a strategy
  • If appropriate, develop an influencer campaign (more fashion & consumer goods)

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective route to maintaining your brand, educating your audience and by stimulating sales depending on the nature of your products and services.

  • Implement an email marketing strategy
  • Ensure any activity complies with GDPR and any electronic communication directives
  • Decide on whether to collect email address through landing pages and/or buy business-related emails (& process under legitimate interest).
  • Develop and test landing pages to capture visitor emails.
  • Implement an email automation strategy so that once a visitor has signed up they receive a series of emails.


Video can no longer be ignored. Most companies will need a video strategy; even if it’s one longer video that can also be sliced and diced for social media. Video gets 5 times more attention than a standard post.

  • Develop video marketing strategy
  • Implement video marketing campaigns for social media
  • Setup and manage a YouTube channel for the business. Ensure its optimised for SEO.

Monitoring, Analysis & Recommendations

Understanding what is working and what could be improved is critical with digital marketing. As everything is digital then it can be measured. The trick is to understand why something is being measured and what you should do about it.

  • Understand and regularly review Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google for Business Insights
  • Identify and report on key performance indicators for digital marketing. E.g.
    • Web site (visitors, bounce rate, top pages, social traffic, crawl errors)
    • Adword campaign statistics (Impressions, clicks, CTR, cost)
    • Social Media Statistics (views, engagement and conversion)
    • Email marketing (Open rate, unsubscribes, click through)
    • Video (Views & engagement)
  • From the KPIs make recommendations on improvements
  • For companies with sufficient volume, carry out A/B split testing on all main digital marketing channels.

More Information

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