What are you doing with your digital marketing

Digital Marketing – How Does it Affect Your Business?

What are you doing with your digital marketing

How Does Digital Marketing Affect Your Business?

Gartner Digital Marketing Map
Gartner Digital Marketing Map

Digital Marketing Technology continues to invade our lives as it gets easier to use, more reliable and an essential tool in our work and play. Technology now enables us to work anytime and any place and stay connected. This means we are open to more communication from more sources. In the past, this would have meant more opportunities for marketing people to shout their messages.

However, the explosion of information through ever more increasing channels means that getting the attention of the target audience is becoming increasingly harder. Where once there was an abundance of attention and a scarcity of information, through technology and specifically digital marketing, the reverse is now true.

There is now a scarcity of attention and an abundance of information.

This means you cannot simply shout louder with your marketing messages. Through digital marketing, you now need to engage with your audience. You need to add value for your customers by engaging with them in a way that creates value for them.

We are now in an era of mass-customized communication through Digital Marketing. 

So, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the delivery of your marketing communication through the medium of digital technology. So examples include websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, email marketing, video, skype, pictures, music, mobile, smartphones, wearable technology, search engines, Bluetooth, wi-fi and social media, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The list of ways to communicate and interact with your audience grows by the day, and I can see a day when every management team will need an expert either as a non-exec director or be part of the team in order to navigate the business through the digital jungle.

To get an overall view go to Gartner Introduces the Digital Marketing Transit Map Presenting a Comprehensive Landscape of Marketing Technologies

For most business-to-business marketing, this means being the expert in your industry or thought leader on what your business is passionate about. You need to be the best and then share your expertise with your prospects and customers.

For more business-to-consumer marketing, this could mean gamification – making your customers’ experience with you more fun using games, competitions, activities, comedy or an ongoing story like Comparethemarket.com.

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