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How do I measure the performance of my digital marketing using Dasheroo?

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Measure Performance of Your Digital Marketing using Dasheroo

To be successful, you need to be measuring the performance of your digital marketing. But the question is how to do it easily and cost effectively? Dasheroo have an entry level service where you can measure 8 metrics (or insights in their language) and it costs you nothing. As an agency we setup dashboards for our regular clients on our version of Dasheroo as part of what we do as it is important to us to know what is working and what isn’t so that we can agree alternate approaches.

What do I need to be measuring?

We have the agency version of Dasheroo which means we can have separate dashboards for every monthly retained client and usually where we are doing their social media as well as lead generation. The agency version also allows us to automatically send a report of the previous 30 days performance at the beginning of the month.

There are a wide range of things that you can measure. For a more comprehensive article on measurement go to: How do you know your digital marketing is working?

For each client and depending on what we are doing for them but in general we will measure the following:


  • Total web site visitors
  • A breakdown of web site visitors (Direct, Organic, Paid, Referral, Email, Social).
    • Direct – these are people who have type your web address in directly.
    • Organic – these people have found you on a search engine such as Google or Bing.
    • Paid – If you have Google Ads (was Adwords) then any visitors who have clicked on your ad will show here.
    • Referral – If you have great content, people will put links to it from their web site to yours and people will click through.
    • Email – If you send out emails via MailChimp then anybody clicking through will be recorded.
    • Social – If you share articles that are on your web site on your social media anybody clicking through will be shown in these stats
  • Top web pages that have been visited in the last 30 days – this tells you what pages or articles are working for you

Social Media

  • Overview – this Insight has quite a few useful stats
  • Engagement – this shows how well visitors have interacted with
  • Top Posts/Tweets – these show which of your recent posts or tweets have been successful

So what do I need to do to setup Dasheroo?

First of all you will need a Google Analytics Account. Whoever developed your website or who is maintaining it for you (not the hosting company) should do this for you – it’s a 5 minute job and ideally it should be in your name (rather than the developers) as you need to ultimately own the data. There will normally be a Google email address associated with it but not necessarily.

For Facebook make sure you are the admin for your Business Page and you are logged in to Twitter and Instagram.

Go to and signup for the free version.

Then when it asks you to choose a template, select Marketing Maven – its the easiest to get you going.

Follow the instructions on screen and connect the Insight to its respective analytics or social media.

As you review your statistics and understand what they mean you will start to review your digital marketing with a more action oriented approach as you stop doing what doesn’t work and concentrate on what does.

Taking Action

Dasheroo is free to use for up to 8 Insights. If you would prefer somebody else to do it, we can setup your free Dasheroo board for you. Please call 0845 053 7417.

For more information on the latest in Digital Marketing, please go to, 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy that will keep you ahead of the competition

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