calico legal solutions group

Calico Legal Solutions Group

Who are we?

Calico Legal Solutions Group, founded in 2018, is built on the mutual values of practical and progressive collaboration to provide expert knowledge and services to law firms.

Calico is made up of 12 companies of accomplished suppliers that have worked with over 4000 legal firms. The group works together to help you improve and grow your firm, from bringing various specialisms to providing broader expert insights, the group is seeing itself becoming established as a thought leader in the law sector.   

Calico members areas of expertise

All our members provide invaluable knowledge from their extensive experience in the sector. The accumulated time our group has spent in the industry means that each one brings something dynamic and complementary to Calico’s mission; benefiting the legal industry and the group’s customer base of over 4000 law firms.

Current founding members are:

  • Baskerville Drummond Consulting Ltd: A leading independent legal IT consultancy, specialising in advising law firms and legal Technology solution providers.
  • Document Direct: A UK based 24/7 digital dictation transcription and secretarial service.
  • Hazlewoods: Specialises in strategy, finance, accounting and tax matters across the legal sector.
  • Lawyer Checker: Provides enhanced risk management and increased due diligence in relation to transmitting funds, protecting your clients and their money.
  • Legal RSS: A powerful marketing platform for law firms, with a focus on high-quality content.
  • Lockton: Provides solicitors with professional indemnity insurance solutions, alongside a full suite of insurance and risk services.
  • Matrix 247: Delivers telephony systems, low-cost landline solutions, mobile call-routing, mobile devices, connectivity and SRA compliant cybersecurity solutions.
  • Nasstar: IT services provider to the legal sector with more than a decade’s worth of experience supporting barristers, solicitors and legal professionals with their IT needs.
  • NetDocuments: A cloud-based, legal technology services solution offering state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Solve Legal: a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the legal sector.
  • The Cashroom: Deals with the day to day administration of a law firm’s finance function.

What do we do?

Due to our collaborative approach, our knowledge underpins what we do and covers a vast area of the legal industry.

We utilise this knowledge by publishing informative articles, which offer assistance to everyone in the industry.   

Ultimately, our collective expertise gives us the ability to inspire innovation and advancement within the legal sector and incline law firms to work to their full potential.

How can we help?

Calico is there to educate, inform and inspire with engaging, relevant and helpful writing.

Most people working in the industry are time-pressed. It’s not easy to find the time to read lengthy articles on how to develop your business and source new solutions. The industry is also generally associated with being very traditional, which can result in the stifling of innovation.

That’s why we condense essential, forward-thinking and application-based information.

We focus on providing fresh insight into the most topical issues, keeping you informed on all of the most current industry news and progressions, helping you improve your firm and your team’s capabilities.

Calico bringing change to the industry

If you utilise our resources, our insight will help give your firm the competitive edge you’ve been searching for.

We are committed to sharing the best new solutions, so your firm can be ahead of the curve and start implementing positive change that will transform the running of things for the better. Your team will work better together, and time-consuming day-to-day tasks will become seamless and other issues in your firm can become problems of the past.

Make use of our expertise to benefit your firm and be part of pushing the law industry into the future. 

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