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9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas


Secure Success – Validate Your Startup Ideas

If you have a good startup idea, the first thing to do is to validate it. Take note that you are not the only one with a good idea. There are other people who might have better ideas. It helps that you validate these ideas first and see if they will be feasible once turned into reality.

Here are the 9 ways you can validate your startup ideas:

  1. State the problem
  2. Discover your market
  3. Study your competitors
  4. Conduct a survey
  5. Seek a mentor or advisor
  6. Create a landing page
  7. Create a crowdfunding campaign
  8. Follow up on feedback
  9. Trust yourself

Checking out what other people’s ideas are is the first step. They might have better ideas than you do. Some of them even approach the same problem. If you think you can’t compete with their ideas, it is time to tweak them a bit or find a different problem to solve.

Another way to validate your idea is by conducting a survey. It helps a lot that you also listen to your target audience. They will be the ones buying the items you are going to sell in the future. If they have negative feedback right from the start, you can’t expect them to patronize the products you offer in the future.

Negative feedback must not discourage you though. Instead, use them to make your ideas better. Besides, big businesses now did not start that way. They became more feasible after being polished several times.

You just have to keep polishing your ideas up until you are fully satisfied with them and people also have positive responses.

The infographic below discusses other ways in which you can validate your startup ideas. Check them out and see if your current ideas are worth doing.

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas (PbS)