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3D Animation: Bring Your Product Marketing to Life Without Photography

We all know that product marketing is essential for increasing your sales. 

For decades, businesses have relied on photography to showcase their products – but this can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Luckily, there’s a new kind of block that can overcome these issues and improve the quality of your product marketing: 3D Animation.

This article explains how it’s done, why you need it, and why you’re missing out if you don’t already use it. 

The benefits of using 3D animation for product marketing

Using 3D animation for your product marketing is a great way to maximise the output of your content. It allows you to have constant access to high quality, branded images and videos- without having to go through the expense of time and money to 

constantly capture new media to populate your website and social media content.

Content always performs at its peak on social media when it’s fresh and engaging for its audience. The difficulty usually is having the time and resources to create that content in the first place, but with 3D animations and renders, we can easily and efficiently create content for any type of post to help keep your audience engaged in your brand.

Once we have the products and a scene- it’s there forever and within this same file, we can constantly capture new content!

It’s in this creation of subsequent content that your Return on Investment (ROI) with 3D animation really begins to have an impact. At just the click of a button, we can bring up this exact scene at any point. From there, it’s just a quick move of the camera in the 3D software, and you have a brand new product post!

This gives the freedom to create brand new posts by simply opening a file on the computer. It provides endless possibilities for your content without being locked into any media captured in a camera on a set.

Another advantage of taking this approach to your content is that you can make everything branded and consistent between posts. Your branding is a key visual indicator to make you instantly recognisable to your audience as they scroll through their news feed- and with 3D, everything within the frame is fully customisable to let your voice shine through.

Just think; if these images were captured on location or in a set, then you only have access to that physical space for a finite amount of time. Not to mention the expenses of hiring the space, gear and photographers needed in the first place!

3d render of classroom

(No need to sort any locations or photographers, we can pick up right where we left off!)

This means that every time you need new content, you’re limited to what was shot on the day in your location. If you need anything else, then the options are going through another product shoot from scratch or going DIY. These can either rack up the budget required for your content or leave it with glaring inconsistencies between posts (no matter how good the camera is!).

The process:

The process for creating 3D content for your product marketing can vary in complexity- but it always begins with your product. 

Luckily, most products have existing 3D designs for manufacturing purposes. This means that we can download these designs and optimise them to look incredible on our software.

If you don’t have access to any 3D models of your product, then that’s not a problem! With a bit of time and care, we can recreate most products from scratch within the 3D software. How long this takes is dependent on the complexity of your product, and we’re able to give an accurate timescale on a case by case basis.

Once we have your product front and centre with accurate colours and textures, it’s time to set the scene. This can be as simple as creating an infinity curve (like you would find in a photography studio), to creating a whole environment for your product to sit in. 

To fill out the scene, we might add in simple models from our extensive library or create a few custom assets that fit your brand and your goals.

From there, we bring everything to life with lighting. The advantage of using our 3D software here is that we can bring an unlimited amount of lights with a full spectrum of colour to help make your product look as incredible as possible.

After that, we add in our camera, and it’s just like filming or taking photos on a location! We can move it anywhere we need to, capturing impossible angles with every lens imaginable. 

From beginning to end, the process is nice and simple. The only thing that you have to do is fill out our briefing form so that we can find out your likes and dislikes to get the project started in the right direction. After that, we can sort out a basic storyboard or sketch out the scene for your approval, and we can get to work!

Creating the subsequent content is even easier still; all you need to do is let us know what type of content you require. We can then quickly jump back into our scene to create more photos and videos to populate your posts. 

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, one of, if not the most powerful weapon in your product marketing arsenal is visual content. It’s the most engaging way to capture your audience’s attention at every stage of the sales funnel. 

Using 3D animations for your product marketing provides you with the means to quickly access, adjust and create fresh, engaging and optimised content for a long, long time, thus allowing you to be both proactive in your approach to content and reactive to current trends with ease and efficiency.

3d render of classroomrender of classroom3d render of classroom

(Content can be easily optimised for any channel or social media network)

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