12 Top Tips to Becoming a Growth Hacker


12 Top Tips to Becoming a Growth Hacker.

Growth hacking is a process that is easy to understand and simple to master. At one time or another, you and/or your team will think of an amazing new product which you will be eager to launch. For example, I have used this picture of a doughnut to demonstrate this. When you have been eating a clean diet and you are presented with a sweet treat, it is hard not to eat it straight away.

By definition, growth hacking is a method of quick product development and experimentation across marketing platforms. It aims to pinpoint the most efficient and effective ways to grow a company.

Here at KUB, we have always advocated the Lean Startup approach as outlined by Eric Ries. If you invest a huge amount of money on an idea that doesn’t quite hit the mark, you may lose out on opportunities. This is compared to if you had taken the time to beta test your new product or service.

Learning to become an innovative growth hacker, you will be able to watch your ideas blossom or fall flat in almost real time. This allows you to move on to the next thing right away if need be.

Every business is unique and not everything will apply. If you are able to understand the needs of your company, you will be able to install the best strategy.

Here are the top tips to becoming a growth hacker in your business.

    1. Write down your end goal and all the mini wins that will come before it.Being able to keep up enthusiasm and motivation up is one of the hardest parts of being a business owner. The constant drive to be better is mentally and physically draining. To ultimately reach your goal, boosting morale and breaking down your is a great way to stay on track
    2. Track, track, track.Starting with online marketing as a strategy, it is ideal for keeping the costs down. Modern analytic tools can help you see if our efforts are effective in almost real time. Having a system in place, allows you to continually track and address problems right away. When you try something and it doesn’t work, you can switch tactics midstream. Through tracking, you can fail fast ideas that are not working.
    3. Optimise your sale funnelAWARENESS > LEADS > PROSPECTS > SALES.By optimising your sales funnel, it will support your strategy. Keeping your clients moving along the funnel is key to conversion. For instance, by engaging them, continuously building rapport and relationship as well as always adding value to your potential customers are the steps to success.
    4. Be proactive to be reactiveGrowth hacking is about being proactive and reactive. For instance, being decisive is your strength. Being ready to scrap your strategy if you are barking up the wrong tree.Whilst also, having contingency plans gives you the ability to react and adapt to situations. This will allow you to seamlessly breeze through obstacles and challenges that you will inevitably face.
    5. Experiment, tweak, test.For you as a growth hacker, A/B testing is one of your best friends. Use it extensively while designing websites, landing pages, and other aspects of your campaign. It will allow you to quickly zero in on features that deliver the best ROI.The simple act of adjusting where you have placed the call to action can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a landing page. As you test what resonates with your target audience, you will also learn more about it. This information will further enhance your ability to grow your business.
    6. Feedback are friends, not food.Or to put it another way, feedback is the best thing for your business and thanks to the internet and social media, it is more readily available than ever. It is not the food to fuel the fire of negativity that is out to cripple your business.Growth hackers know that being actively engaged with your audience in conversations can help them to implement better suggestions and further enhance growth.
    7. Be where your customers are.Don’t assume your products will only one have one use or that those who want them will only find them in one place. Instead, employ a multi-pronged approach by considering a variety of possibilities to where your customers might go looking for you. For example, a food company has the endless channels such as Amazon and Ebay from which a customer may buy online. Not to method the many social media platforms to which they can find you in the first place.
    8. Everything must be scalable.Keeping an eye on today and the future requires planning. Innovative growth hackers start small with new concepts and techniques, designing them to be scalable so that they could grow right along with the company.
    9. Everything must be scalable.Rapid growth is much more likely to happen when prospects receive content at the right place and time. Engaging headlines play a huge role in this, so take the time to craft incredible ones. Include plenty of visual elements to pique users’ interest. Design your content to be easy to share. Viral marketing is a low-cost, low-risk venture you can integrate into your current efforts.
    10. The only thing that doesn’t change, is change itself.Careful note, (tips number 3 and 6 may help in this area too), life and society around us as well as customer expectations change. And so should we.Change is the only constant, and as a growth hacker, you have to be able to roll with the punches. Instead of fearing change, embrace it. Always be on the lookout for the next big thing in your niche, and be ready to bring it to your customers. Even if you design an incredible product, it won’t be perceived that way forever.
    11. People do business with people.There’s no rush. Time is all we have at the end of the end. People work with people that resonate with them and deliver a good job for the price they are prepared to pay.In the mad dash to grow a business, it’s easy to let viable prospects slip through the cracks. To be an effective growth hacker, you must have a strategy in place to nurture leads and increase the odds of conversion. Always have plenty of tools in your arsenal. Ensure your content library is stocked with pieces that can be used to guide prospects along the path to conversion.
    12. What’s your passion and expertise? Pick one.Being niche is good. The most effective growth hackers are leaders within their field. Choose the area that you most enjoy and become the expert.Use that knowledge to create compelling blogs, guest blogs, eBooks, white papers, and other pieces of content. Conduct webinars, engage in email marketing and be highly active on social media.Eventually, you might even consider establishing a special forum for “insiders.” When they opt in, give them a login so that they can be among the first to learn about emerging trends in your industry.

How do I now apply it?

If you have come to the end of this article and thought, “Yes! I can do this!” That’s awesome and over to you !

If you may be thinking, “Why, I can do some of it, I’m just not sure how I can sustain it? I may need more help.” That’s also great! We can help.

At KUB, we can turn valuable knowledge into actionable steps for you. We can help you understand why and how it works so that your team members can do it too.

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