Why Group Mentoring for Business Works

group mentoring for business

Are there times when as a business owner, you feel alone? Are there times when everybody is looking to you for an answer, but you don’t have any? Are their times when you know how to do your particular job, but don’t feel as though you’re trained to lead a business? If you have ever […]

How do I get my website back from my developer?

website back from my developer

There are times in a business relationship with a digital marketing agency or web developer when for a variety of reasons, you want to take back control of your website from your developer. This may be because the relationship has broken down, you want to get a more competitive deal, you need to reduce costs, […]

Easy Steps to Improve Communication with Staff and Customers

improve communication with staff and customers

Taking the right steps to improve communication with staff and customers is something that all businesses should really be striving for in the ‘new normal’. While communicating with staff and customers require slightly different approaches, underlying both with the question of ‘do they have what they need and want?’ will stand your business in good […]

How to Create the Best Leadership Style, Values & Culture for Your Business

best leadership style

What do the best leadership style, values and culture look like to you and your business? Most people would agree that each is integral to success combined with sustainability in any business. But in a world where the working norm has shifted so quickly and drastically, even organisations with the most nurtured values, culture and […]

Taking Care of Your Wellbeing in Lockdown

wellbeing in lockdown

While lockdown rules continue to slacken, lots of us are still opting to stay put, working from home (WFH), to avoid the risks that accompany an office environment. For many, WFH has come with various welcome benefits, not least a much-improved work-life balance for previous commuters, who lost an average of an hour each day […]

What Can I Do to Protect My Business From a Recession?

protect my business from a recession

In the three months running up to May, the UK economy shrank by just over 19%, and we’re heading towards the deepest recession in decades. This isn’t good news for anyone, but in particular, business owners will be asking themselves, what can I do to protect my business from a recession? When you run a […]

50 Email Marketing Stats for 2020

email marketing stats

50 Email Marketing Stats for 2020   Email marketing has been around for a good while. In fact, the first email marketing blast was sent in 1978 to 400 recipients- resulting in $13 million in sales! While technology has come a long way since the ’70s, email marketing hasn’t gone anywhere. There’s no browsing the […]

What will the Post-COVID-19 ‘New Normal’ look like for Business?

post-covid-19 new normal

What will the post-COVID-19 new normal look like for business? COVID-19 has wrought major change on a global scale. It’s clear that with the devastation to the economy, the post-COVID-19 new normal is going to be different from the life we knew prior to the pandemic. So what will the post-COVID-19 new normal look like […]

8 Positive Things to Come Out of Lockdown

positives of lockdown

Our world has been forever changed by the impact of COVID19, but as countries around the world continue with social distancing measures, people are appreciating some of the positive changes that lockdown has brought into our lives- and potentially into our futures. But what exactly are the positives of lockdown that we take away from […]

How To Grow Your Business in a Recession

How to Grow a Business in a Recession

Introduction This article is a culmination of 20 years research and working with small and medium sized businesses through every stage of the economic cycle. It will explore the essential 10 things you need to get right to grow your business in a recession. The 10 things you need to get right in order to […]

6 Apps That Have Improved My Life During Lockdown

apps that have improved my life

6 Apps That Have Improved My Life During Lockdown For most of us, our lives have altered drastically in the last few weeks and any prospect of returning to normal any time soon feels like a distant pipedream. On top of an uncertain future, our present situation is that around 60% of the UK’s workforce […]

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Using Conversational Marketing

conversational marketing

Foreword I use the term “sales agent” a lot throughout the article. This doesn’t mean an actual salesperson or business development job title. At the end of the day, we are all representatives of a business as well as “sales agents” of that business, and we can all find tips and tricks from this article […]