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With years of experience we have created two eBooks that will help you get a better understanding of the business growth and digital marketing. The ebooks have been written with the small and medium sized business owner in mind and the practical problems they face day to day.


Help You Build A High Growth Business

Content marketing – unlike traditional marketing – is more than a sales tactic. It is a form of marketing that shows the customer who you are instead of drilling the perfect image of your business into their heads through repetitive ads. Broadcasting advertising messages is no longer the only way to win over customers’ hearts. Nor is it the best.

To effectively advertise your business – alongside a carefully planned marketing strategy – you need to continuously share relevant and well-written content on your website and social channels. Doing so will enable you to build a loyal consumer fan base, share expertise, and position yourself as the industry expert.

You can achieve these goals through a variety of formats. You could create a series of case studies to showcase your achievements and how you’ve helped your customers. Why not create an ongoing weekly blog to educate, advise, or entertain your readers? Setting up a monthly newsletter allows you to share industry insights with your network. Rewording your website can help you achieve maximum optimisation. You could even consider offering free mini ebooks as a way to promote your services. Potential customers love something useful for free, and so providing valuable materials that show off your skills is a perfect way to begin to build a community of loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

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How to Drive Sales Through Digital Marketing

Following on from developing the eBook that describes the overall process to build a sustainable high growth business, Peter looked at the tools that high growth businesses used and with his specialist knowledge of digital saw that using the right digital tools that digital could play an important role in driving sales.

Digital Marketing continues to change and so to help clients keep pace with the change he wrote, “How to Drive Sales With Digital Marketing”.

To claim you free copy, go to: Get my free copy of How to Drive Sales with Digital Marketing.

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Unlock the Secrets of a High Growth Business

Unlock the Secrets of a High Growth Business is an 18 page free eBook gives you key insights into leadership, team building, personal productivity, marketing, sales, customer service, IT, cash-flow management and performance measurement.

With the help of diagrams throughout, it’s quick and easy to see the key elements of a high growth business. Use it to quickly check your own company and discover where you need to make changes to unlock the potential in your business.

The eBook is easy to download and has ideas and concepts that otherwise could cost you thousands of pounds in consultancy fees to acquire.

To claim your free copy, go to: Get my free copy of “Unlock the Secrets of a High Growth Business.