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All our social media training sessions are 3 hours full of content that’s bespoke to your business. More importantly, we pride ourselves in designing each session to be as interactive and pragmatic as possible.

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KUB stands for knowledge underpinning business. At its essence, it’s all about sharing the knowledge and passing it on.

Most people are familiar with the various social platforms and use them regularly. However, using it to communicate and advertise as a brand successfully isn’t always so straight-forward.

Social media training is an vital step to gaining a thorough understanding of how to effectively advertise your business and brand across social media.

Creating engagement-generating content, navigating the pitfalls of ever-changing algorithms and adapting your advertising to the audience of each platform is a lot to take on if you lack the essential knowledge and experience.

Our training sessions will teach you how to confidently represent your business online. We will show you how to schedule posts, so you can plan your social media posts a month in advance, ensuring the content is appealing and well-balanced. You will leave knowing how to generate engagement, conversions, and see you grow steadily over time.


Our training sessions will equip you with the knowledge you need to create engaging and fresh content, how to plan out your content on a monthly basis, and how to measure the success of your content, so you know what to recreate in the future.


Algorithms have the potential to either see your social content flourish, or restrict it from reaching the people you need it to. Our sessions will teach you how to navigate the algorithms of the primary social channels, and how to adapt to any changes.


Advertising on social media effectively varies between each platform, so does your audience. Learn the techniques you need to implement to advertise to your followers, while maintaining growth, and know what platforms to use to reach your target.

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Social browsers use social media to research brands and products.

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Consumers with a positive experience with a brand will recommend it.
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Companies think they give exceptional online service. 8% of customers agree.
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Of social media users have used it to communicate with a brand or business.
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Charleh Dickinson


This is one of the first questions Charleh Dickinson will ask you. What is it that you're looking to achieve from your social media training? If we can understand where you would like to go, we can create a digital marketing roadmap through your tailored training.

Charleh Dickinson is an award winning young entrepreneur who has work in marketing since 2013 as well as worked in the family business through childhood. Everyday Charleh prides herself on helping businesses to grow through digital marketing and believes training is a great place to start.

For example, a gentlemen attended one of KUB's training and from the start Charleh noticed his natural flare for social media, but it was always inconsistent and off the cuff. This can only get you so far. After giving him the tools to plan out his social media content, he had the confidence to deliver education and entertaining videos through LinkedIn. Ultimately, he was able to win more business.

"Charleh and I have worked for each other in our respective roles for a long time. I would highly recommend Charleh to everyone. She is a successful entrepreneur who screams ambition, knowledge and expertise. Her ability to work hard and always go the extra mile for people is outstanding. She continuously adds value to my business and is an incredible asset."
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Tim Howell-Ives

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