Business Leaders Training and Business PlanningThe High Growth Business Training and Development Programme

This programme is for managing directors and owners who wish to develop scalable and robust economic engines and the systematic marketing necessary to drive growth. It helps business leaders navigate the challenges that each stage of growth entails.

The programme includes:

  • Analysis of the external environment (Porter’s five forces, STEP & SWOT analysis)
  • Sources of competitive advantage (Porter’s Value Chain, Grant, resources and capabilities)
  • Employee engagement (Pink – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose)
  • Seven facets of leadership (Finance, Vision, Right People, Employee Engagement, Customer Centric, Lead, Self-Development )
  • Strategy implementation, (Rockefeller Habits, Jim Collins, Execution Roadmap)
  • Performance management (Balanced Scorecard, KPI Selection)
  • Operational Effectiveness (Lean toolkit, flow, waste elimination)
  • Financial/Business modelling (developing an economic model, cash flow forecasting, funding growth)
  • Establishing a digital presence through digital marketing (digital strategy, digital marketing, social media, video and content marketing). This will also include the development of fundamental marketing concepts (strategic marketing, market analysis, key account management, creating customer value, communication and sales management as well as understanding the importance of CRM).

Learning Process

The structure of the training follows Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning which fits within work-based learning. The cycle is defined as concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation, and active experimentation. People learn in different ways, and this process means that we cater to all types of learning.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training it will be expected the candidate will:

  • Develop a vision based on what’s happening in the external environment, the competitive environment and the organisation’s own resources and capabilities to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Review the operation to ensure waste is minimal and services are delivered right first time — maximising customer value.
  • Know which KPIs are important to the business and construct a balanced scorecard for the business
  • Implement a robust financial business model showing the resources you need to sustain growth.
  • Develop an economic engine that allows the business to replicate what it does and be scalable for sustainable growth.
  • Develop a systematic approach to marketing with costs minimised through the use of digital marketing.
  • Put key account management in place with a CRM updated for a consistent approach


The benefits for candidates are:

  • They will be personally more effective and efficient
  • Through clarity of communication, the companies, employees, associates and suppliers will each have a clear idea of their requirements – making them more effective – leading to reduced stress
  • They will be able to achieve a work/life balance so they can drive sustainable growth
  • Overall the training will improve the effectiveness of the leader. They will be more effective at identifying a vision to make the business more competitive, employees will be more engaged, and the organisation as a whole will be more customer-centric.

The combination of these factors will produce a more effective business which will execute its strategy faster than the competition. This, in turn, will lead to increased growth as they deliver products and services the customer wants and is prepared to pay for.



The training will be carried out monthly at £300 + VAT per month over a 12 month period bringing the price to £3600 + VAT. However, for a team of up to six people, this could be delivered as six bi-monthly one-day workshops (10:00-16:00). Travel expenses apply if you require the workshops/training sessions outside the North West.

For more information, please call 0845 053 7417 or email