KUB Digital Marketing Training and Coaching

Our goal is to help you grow your business and to help you achieve your dreams and we do this through digital marketing training.

We can help you with:

  • Formal Training for individuals and groups through either public workshops or tailored to you at your offices. Please see our Facebook page for individual dates (Training Events )
  • Formal Digital Marketing Training courses include:
  • Coaching & Facilitation. A lot of the time we find we need to tailor our approach to what you need & want. We do this by either modifying our training to suit your business or simply have a coaching session where the conversation is more fluid and rather have simply a transfer of knowledge we look at what is stopping you & help you identify actions that will move your forward.
  • We can help you with:
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Management
    • Digital Marketing Implementation
    • Measurement and Analysis
    • Social Media
    • LinkedIn
    • Email Marketing & Automation
    • Development of Lead Magnets and Landing Page
    • Implications of GDPR on your marketing

Please feel free to call on 0345 053 7417 or email:  [email protected] for an informal chat on what is stopping you from growing your business.