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When was the last time you reviewed your marketing? We’re offering a complimentary 30-minute digital marketing review, where we’ll take a deep-dive into your marketing to identify which parts of your strategy are working well and where there’s room for improvement.

Once we understand your current approach, we’ll deliver practical advice that you can begin to implement as part of your new and improved strategy right away.

What to expect from your free digital marketing review

Digital marketing can completely transform the success of your business, and how well ones’ digital marketing is often indicates how well the business itself is being managed and developed.

However, digital marketing is constantly evolving – if one approach worked for you a few years ago, it may be less effective now.

So, what can you do to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve? A good place to start is by analysing your current strategy and then redefining it with a plan that’s bespoke for your business and your audience.

In order to provide an analysis of your digital marketing, we first need to understand what you’re currently doing, and how it fits with your business development plans, goals and objectives.

To get to know you, we’ll ask about (and help you define)

  • Your vision- why you’re running the business
  • Your key strategy points
  • What products/ services you’re marketing
  • Your buyer persona- how you define your ideal customer
  • The intensity of your competition
  • Who’s responsible for digital marketing in your business
  • Keyword analysis and opportunity analysis

Strategy Analysis

If you’re attempting to market your business without a water-tight strategy, there will be opportunities missed and potential leads that fall through the cracks.

Even if you’re confident in your current strategy, there is still value in revisiting it to ensure it still holds up as strongly- stats show that documenting your strategies provides a 538% better chance of a successful outcome, so it’s something that’s worth spending 30-minute on.

In your complimentary digital marketing review, we’ll also take a look at your current marketing activities and make recommendations to improve your strategy.

Documenting your strategies provides a 538% better chance of a successful outcome

There are 4 areas that we analyse:


What you're doing now


What you should be doing


How you measure progress


What you’ll achieve over the next quarter

We’ll work through each of these areas chronologically, cross-referencing with various marketing activities, including content management, social media, email marketing, and so on. This will provide you with a fuller picture of where you’re at, the specific actions you need to take to improve, as well as how to track the results.

Here to help

We believe that practical insight is at the core of great marketing, which is why we always aim to empower businesses with the right knowledge to take care of their own digital marketing, or if they prefer, to take the work of it off their hands.

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