Power Recruit

The Client

Power Recruit aim to modernise the day-to-day life of recruiters by reprioritising their time and task list.

The concept of Power Recruit is to remove non-value-adding tasks required by recruiters by using powerful built-in automation tools. Their app acts as a virtual assistant and applicant tracking system (ATC). This gives the recruiter their time back for the stuff that really matters.

The challenge

Our relationship with Power Recruit began with them being one of our Marketing Strategy clients, so we were fully versed in the ins and outs of their marketing.

After becoming interested in the websites that we had been designing for our other clients, we were tasked with undertaking a full redesign of their website, and creating a sales video for them.

Power Recruit is offering a high-ticket item, so contact time with leads is crucial to complete a sale. The site needed to deliver Power Recruit’s message at a glance and be simple to navigate without frustrating blockers leading users to click away.

The Solution

We used our expertise of web design to create a modern one-page website.

The site was designed to follow what would work best for their sector and audience and optimised to pull the reader through easy-to-digest information.

We delivered a clear call to action to push leads to take the next step in the customer journey.

We produced a short, engaging sales video using a 3D animated character as a vehicle to take the audience on a journey that showcases who Power Recruit’s brand and their product benefits.

The Results

We delivered a website to position Power Recruit at a high level with a slick user interface.

The easy-to-navigate site allowed Power Recruit to hold a viewer’s attention long enough to pique their interest, encouraging sales.

The client was exceedingly happy with the results and commissioned additional work for their main brand.

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