Dehum manufactures and installs industrial dehumidifiers for a variety of industries, including food production, avaiation, automobile and more. Their products make a significant difference to the quality or longevity of what they’re used for.

What was the objective?

As a niche business that operates within a diverse range of industries, the objective for Dehum was to generate awareness of their brand and services to relevant companies. By making others aware of who they are and what they do, the aim was to generate enquiries from companies that may not have been aware that they required Dehum’s services.

What did we do?

There was a significant lack of literature about the kind of dehumidifiers Dehum manufactures and the benefits they offer. To educate Dehum’s target, we write two articles a month about the different processes the dehumidification systems can be used for, and the effect they have on the process.

We also manage Dehum’s LinkedIn Lead Generation. This allows us to connect with, engage with and educate the decision makers in companies who would benefit from Dehum’s product. We have done this through conversational marketing, a method that encourages authentic conversations, rather than the usual big spam messages many of us are all to familiar with.

Social media management is a key component of distributing the fortnightly articles. We also post throughout the week, with industry news and the various applications of Dehum’s products. Posting regularly helps maintain levels of engagement and incites discussions that gets posts ranked more highly.

We have recently taken on video marketing with Dehum, too. We chose an interview setup, as Dehum needs to educate its target. The footage we obtained over 4 hours can be spread and adapted over 3 months. Video is one of the most effective tools to increase engagement and viewers retain a much higher level of information than they would reading an article.

What were the limitations?

The limitations were found in the wide range of industries that Dehum operates in. Because their product is niche and little-known, it was challenging to create and maintain a consistent message that remained focused on the heart of what Dehum does as a business. Futhermore, connecting to the ‘right’ people on LinkedIn required some time spent refining our search. Unlike many of our clients, Dehum has such broad applications for many industries and resultantly the LinkedIn search needed a lot of adapting. It was also a challenge identifying what engineers (their target prospects) would be interested in and would engage with APS. This was a challenge because APS offer such a specialist service. Through developing a style of questioning on LinkedIn that would engage with the target prospects and lead to enquiries, we were able to overcome this.

What were the results?

Overall we were able too acheive growth of over 2,700 LinkedIn connections, who we nurture, educate and engage with to produce enquiries.

Have also received constant and sustainablly increasing engagement from social media posts and articles, generating many new enquiries.

More information?

For more information on Dehum’s products and services, go to: Dehum